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WABAC Machine 1980Sherman and Mr. Peabody had the most wonderful contraption.  The WABAC Machine.  Sure, it’s not as stylish as a Flux Capacitor in the sporty body of a DeLorean.  Either way, it’s a way to go back.

Forty one is not the ideal age in which you realize exactly who you are.  That’s how old I am.  Sadly.  I’ve never really had a solid footing on who I wanted to be and how I wanted my life to turn out.  Until now that is.

Unfortunately now is a bit too late.  My health isn’t great, I’m in a position that doesn’t afford me to bring home the quality bacon if you see my drift.  I’m self taught at my profession.  While I can run circles around most of the people in my industry, they have college degrees and certificates.  Which is all any Human Resources is concerned about these days.  It’s not like when I worked for Gateway and got paid for my level of true skill.  But then the American Populous wanted cheaper computers, so outsourcing ended me where I am today.

Though it’s not only my profession, it’s the friends I chose, the relationships I’ve had, the raising of my children and so much more.   I wish my life could have a “do over” so I can make the right choices, prevent health issues, and become a bit more of a success all around.

You could say “it’s not too late”.  But frankly, there’s not a lot of time left for me.  What I have is good.  Though if I had the had the chance, I would jump at it.   As long as I can take the basic knowledge of what I want to change about me.

This article is not an advertisement for Gateway.  The author does not like Gateway products dated after 2000.


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