The Xth Legion

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Great British HeroesSometime back when I started playing World of Warcraft, since it was a close friend who got me to finally break down and play it, I ended up in his Guild.  Great British Heroes.

Shortly after that, our Guild Leader approached me for some of my Web Design work.  He wanted me to make a new guild site.  He said he’d help me pony up some of the gold needed to get my higher level flying skills as they are currently 5000 gold to attain.

The time came and went for me to get the skill at level 77 and no word from the Guild Leader on what design he wanted for the new site.  My friend being a good friend, helped me out again and I paid him back from a loan he gave me to get my skill with.

Only a week or so later, we made level 80.  The whole time getting pushed to hurry up and make 80 because “that’s when the real fun begins”.

At about the same time, my good friend coaxed me to make a new guild site by surprise and see what they thought.  It turned out really well and everyone said they liked it.

But week or so after we made level 80 and the new website, without a word, the guild split up and all our “better geared” players formed a new guild The Xth Legion.   To be more hardcore because of frustrations they have in not being able to complete ICC.  You could say abandonment issues, but to me it’s pretty fucked up to do that to your guild mates.  And somehow this is going to make their efforts better.

This made my wife’s and I hurried effort to level a huge disappointment.  Here we are all leveled up and not many people to help us gear up.  Plus, since we are Americans on a European server, this leaves us with very few people to party with.

Well that feels like a big “fuck you” to the rest of us.  In the real world, that website I built would’ve cost someone $350 dollars (275 Euros).  But I did it as a way to say thank you.  Though apparently this is why our once fearless leader hasn’t really spoken to me or my wife in weeks after he approached me to make it in the first place.  Not a big deal, I went ahead and made the website anyways.  Hoping to give back for what help my wife and I did get.  Then this shit happens.

We aren’t the only ones who feel this move is silly.  The players who left were frustrated over not being able to down the Lich King in ICC.  So what does a name change/new guild do for that?  Does it gear you better?  Does it somehow compensate your lack of skills or ability to work together?  See…. if you take a turd.  And you polish it, maybe even rename it.  Guess what?  It’s a pretty turd, but… YOU STILL HAVE SHIT TO DEAL WITH!!

“The Xth Legion”.. just sounds retarded.

To everyone who didn’t go to the new guild, but also do not agree mine and my wife’s point of view.  We are sorry.  Though mostly because you too should find this situation to be fucked up.


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