Kids First Drive Safely

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Kids First Drive SafelyI understand the need to raise awareness of our children returning to school.  As drivers will undoubtedly need to be reminded that when commuting to and from work, there will be children going to and coming from school.  I get that.

People get used to driving a certain way.  They tend to forget that when school starts, things need to slow down.

But… It seems our Public School System in Hampton Roads has a brilliant campaign to show drivers signs that say “Kids First Drive Safely”.

And as much as I like to remind people that Public Educations are not what they used to be…  It seems now our “educators”, are not smart enough to be allowed to teach our children.

As I go through a rather busy intersection on the way to work, I see on 2 different corners of it; mainly teenage girls, in green tee shirts and blue short shorts sporting the sign above.  “Kids First Drive Safely”  Does anyone else see what’s wrong with this?

  1. Lets dress up teenage girls so Joe Perv can get distracted.
  2. Place them in a busy intersection so we can have “Bowling for Teens”.
  3. Have them jumping and waving trying to get drivers attention, thus distracting them from guess what?  DRIVING SAFELY!!!

I honestly don’t get that part at all.  Why distract drivers with a message to drive safely?  Why put teens in a possible situation of getting hurt as they jump and bounce acting silly as teens tend to do (trust me, I have a teenage daughter who is beginning to drive, and maintaining focus is her biggest downfall).

If I could go back in time and change my life…  It would be to live in a small town and be more involved in our school system.  Maybe then my children would have a better chance a good education like I had.