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Bye Bye ThunderbirdToday I started moving all my mail off of Thunderbird and into Windows Live Mail.  Trust me, this was no easy task.  I had to find some redneck addon to export mail to .eml format, then drag and drop them into Windows Live Mail.  Then export and import address books.  On 4 of my computers that use email.  My head hurts now, but I’ll recover soon.

Why the sudden change from an email program I once touted as the best?  After changes were made (way back) on version 2.5.x.  The outgoing mail server setup started changing with almost every version.  Breaking things for my customers.  So a thousand support calls later, Mozilla makes new changes and I’d have to go through it all over again.  (It doesn’t help when you run 6 different mail servers running different software.)

Then version 3.x hit the web and then they started with this automated detection bullshit.  That only made things worse.  As the geniuses at Mozilla got all of our server settings dead wrong.  We made phone call after phone call to try to get this fixed.  It appears their whole development team is compiled of deaf people.  To this day, nothing has changed.  Well, the outgoing mail setup has, but the auto detection of our servers is still horribly wrong.  Causing more phone calls than ever.

If Thunderbird won’t change, then we have too.  So we did, we changed to Windows Live Mail.  It’s as close as to dead stupid easy for the average Joe User as Outlook Express used to be.  It’s a tad on the “pretty” side, but it’s functional and now finally includes spell-check and spam filters.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Open Source software.  But Mozilla got a big ass case of featuritis.  Too many little nooks and cranny’s for Joe User to get lost in.  They have geared it to the power user.  Sure I still like it but I have to deal with thousands of calls for support.  And Thunderbird no longer fits the bill of “User Friendly”.  And if it’s not user friendly, then we can’t be friends either.  Sorry Mozilla, we wasted too much time on you.  Cost us too much money in support calls.  “You gots to go!  Biotch!”


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Thunderbird

  1. Theodas Post author

    lol ok, thanks for the suggestion 🙂 I took a gander at it, still looks very featuritis and I’m sure Joe User’s eyes would just go cross looking at it. Gotta say for a power user, it looks pretty sweet. I’m just dealing with non-savvy users.

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