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What Grinds My GearsWhile he’s not my hero, he does in fact, bring to light that which is something that bugs me all the time.  People are ungrateful bastards.  Steven was only doing his job that he’s been doing for years.  He probably did it at least decently and for the most part has put up with years of people’s bullshit.

Years ago when I started working in Tech Support, customers would be so thankful for us to help them fix their expensive 486 computers.  It was so nice to be appreciated.

As the years have gone by the prices dropped and the ignorant could afford PC’s, the level off appreciation also dropped.  This caused the frustration level to increase and hence jade me from appreciating my job like I once used too.

So I can feel where Steven is coming from.  You try to do your job as you have for years.  Then one day after having hundreds of customers be rude to you because they don’t agree with you, even though you are doing what is part of your job, you snap.  I’m actually surprised that more people don’t snap in a huge way like Steven did.  I’ve seen people walk off the job, I’ve even done so.

And while I find the press coverage of this a bit much, it’s true that we all think of doing something like this at one time or another.  Though most of us prefer not to make such spectacles of ourselves.

Yes, I dream at times to target my problem customers, write a virus that would trash their systems (like a good old-fashioned virus would do).  Then cut off the internet to them so they can’t cry on their Facebook pages.  Would I do it?  No. I’m not interested in prison time or being a prison bitch.  Nor do I want the kind of publicity Steven is getting.  Sure he’s a hero to many customer service workers.  But he’s also going to be pretty much ostracized from any kind of job and will be only making money from now on doing interviews on late night T.V.

Working in customer service, there is one thing we can all pretty much agree on.

We the unwilling, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.


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2 thoughts on “Steven Slater

  1. Tyler

    if you are talking about the plane guy they said on the news the police have witnesses saying he had the cut on his head before he got on the plane and that not one passenger backs up his story of being assualted by a passenger the situation is slowly starting to look like a hoax but i fully understand and agree with the point of this topic.

  2. Theodas Post author

    Like I said, he’s not my hero. Far from it. But, apparently you are right; he’s a false hero for hundreds of thousands…

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