Computers are not to be feared!

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Joe User PC MagazineI’m getting kind of sick of magazines and websites who always seem to use fear to get their articles read by PC users.  It’s no wonder why they get fed up with their computer after it gets infected or compromised or perhaps is just having fault issues with the operating system, software or hardware.  Then they run out and buy a Mac, just to get as equally frustrated when they call for help and they get replies from guys like me who say “I don’t use Mac, so don’t ask me.”.

Essentially they are gearing their topics to elite geeks like myself and scarring the hell out of the everyday average Joe User who thinks that if they use a computer, they have to play hide and seek from the world to look at their youtube, facebook and porn.  Yeah, I said it, porn.  I’m not gonna pretend that no one ever does that.  Whether it be intentional or accidental.  Frankly I’m a little sick of hearing how Christian family never does that but when I’m cleaning their hard drive, there is cold hard proof that someone was enjoying themselves.

Anyway… The truth is, doesn’t matter if you run Windows, Mac or Linux, you need to protect your computer from harm and use utilities to keep Viruses, Spyware and the computer in general in good health.  This comes from educating the end user, not putting the fear of Epic System Failure in their heads.

Over all, it appears that these “rags” are trying to lose their customer base.  If I had the resources, I would compete by showing the end user that they can get what they want from their computer for little to no cost.  How to make them more productive, how to make money using their computers effectively.  How to spend hours of complete entertainment via gaming, media streaming and online media like Netflix.

There is one magazine that does, but they are so high end, they should call their rag Maximum Credit Limit.  They just built their “Dream Machine” to the tune of almost $16,000.00!!! Holy rape my wallet Batman!  That’s more than I had spent on my last 3 cars combined!  You know as well as I, that in today’s economy very few can afford such “Dreams”.  You guys keep dreaming, I got bills to pay. Perhaps since their magazine is roughly 60% ads, perhaps they should call it Maximum Ad Space and Minimum Content.  But I digress…

Everyday Joe User man and/or woman, should be able to be educated and informed on computer matters and how to manage, mend and prevent issues in manners befitting their education level.  Safe surfing habits so they won’t fear online banking or shopping. Not be scared into running away from technology.

Unless of course, the evil Apple corporation is somehow manipulating these media outlets to sell their overpriced wares…..  {scratches chin}  hmmmm…

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