Fully Commited

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WoW SetThis past weekend the wife and I made level 68 on our characters and made the dive to the Lich King Expansion for World of Warcraft.  Though the weekend was so hot at 108° F (that’s 42.2° C for all our euro friends), all weekend long.  Our poor air conditioner just couldn’t keep up and we ended up going out a few times just to escape the heat.  We barely managed to make  it to level 69 all weekend long…

Though the Lich King expansion is much nicer than the damned Burning Crusades.  There was so little to enjoy about the Burning Crusades (quest wise).  Granted it was beautifully designed, it was just to dark and dank for our tastes.  I suppose had we read the quests the whole floating in space thing may have made sense, but…. yeah…

So we were happy to move on.  Our initial boat ride from the Wetlands into Northrend was beautiful. Seeing those huge mountain sides covered in city was really freaking cool.  The quests seem to be a lot more challenging than what we’ve did prior to this, but looks like it will be worth it once we get some decent gear.

We’d (not to be confused with weed 😉 ) also like to thank Newin (Carrag) for helping us get the game and expansions as we are Americans playing on European servers.  Turns out it was more difficult to get the game than it is to pay the monthly fees.  (long story)

Though we are still overwhelmed with all the attention to detail in WoW.  We’ve heard other people claim that WoW copies other MMO’s and is just a clone.  I’m here to say it’s the other way around.  WoW sets the standards, and everyone else clones them, just poorly.  Sorry RoM players.

If you want to check Theodas and Pandalynn chars out and see how we are progressing,  you can do so on our about page.

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