Moving to World of Warcraft

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WoW LogoAs I discussed in a previous post, we had to take a long hard look at our expenses in comparison to these so-called free2play (f2p) games.  It’s official now, we are World of Warcraft players now.  I’m still Theodas, and Pandella has a char named Pandella, but has gone with a Warlock named Pandalynn.

Not only is it going to smooth our finances out a bit, it’s also been an absolute blast to play.  Granted, we are stuck in a guild of high levels and they don’t fare well with us (and they have a god-awful website), but we are managing well.  Need more folks our level to play with basically.  And perhaps I can talk the guys into making a CastleRain Guild. (hint hint)

This whole thing has made me wonder why I resisted WoW for so long…  Guess somethings have to be learned the hard way.