Why I’m better than Facebook

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Facebook Invite

It’s truly a shame that several of my friends have run off to Facebook.  It’s the new hot online “fad” that is a complete and utter waste of time in my opinion.

Today I got this invite from a good friend of mine, and it disheartened me that they fell prey to this deprivation of individualism.

This invite tells me that my friend has 128 other friends whom many I doubt he’s even truly gotten to know on a 1 to 1 basis in any other form than online banter.  In which case, how can they really be a friend?  Wouldn’t that be more of an internet pen pal? If we’ve learned anything, though I know there are millions who haven’t, it’s that online friends can be whoever they want to be.  In essence, they most likely are liars and scam artists.  I know I’ve met my share of people via the internet who were nothing like they claimed to be.  Or how about those people who once made fun of me in school, now all of a sudden trying to be my friends on facebook? (yes I tried it briefly just to see what the fuss is about, no effing way man…)  Refer to this foamy video.

He also has 30 photos online to share with millions of other facebook members.  I have bunches of photos online and no one needs a membership to comment or view my photos.

I don’t want to come off as “holier than thou” but honestly my interest in having an online presence encouraged me to learn how it works and to make my mark on the world wide web completely unique.  This is why when Facebook becomes a faded memory just like Tripod, Geocities (the original social networks) and MySpace has, my website will still be around.  My domain has been online for 10 years now, and will be online until I finally let loose the mortal coil.  And no other website will ever look exactly like mine.  I can change it and re-arrange it anytime I like because I learned the skills to do so.

Then you have to worry about all the identity theft scams.  People fall prey to this every day.  I should know, I work for an ISP.  I get customers falling prey to emails asking for personal information all the time.  I’ve even had 1 man have a business started in his name in another state to rip hundreds of unsuspecting customers off and have him blamed for it as the person who did this stole his complete identity.

My friend has 18 wall posts.  I’m sure most of them are short like a Twitter and in reference to some mob wars or farm crap that facebook has sucked people into with their apps.  This is my 60th blog post.  You don’t need to be a member to comment and I don’t really bother with little shit when I can engross you with a tale of sorts or rant {ahem}.  There were hundreds of other posts I’ve made over the years too, but I can evolve my site with the changing times.

On top of all that, I can offer services on my site, and take payments for said services (providing they qualify for such).  Like a list of free software.  Enough to entirely run a PC without having to spend 1 dime!!  Web site design for your personal or business use that looks fantastic and is SEO ready!  And remote support for your PC (and I can help with your Mac too).  Can’t do that on Facebook.  You can advertise, but you can’t really present it like a real website can!

But what really pissed me off and got this whole rant started was in this invite, they reference another friend of mine who happens to also use Facebook.  One I know the person who sent the invite does not know.  Who lives in the mid west were we live on the east coast.  So how did Facebook know I knew this person?  What the fuck right do they have to know that kind of info about me.  Honestly the world does not need to know who my friends are unless they agree that I can name them off for whatever reason.

Come on people, get some balls and recapture your individualism!


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