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Spam Growth 02 - 08

This week has been a barrage of “It worked before”, or “I never had to do that before”, or “it’s always been that way”.  None of these dim-wits ever considered that things change.

One customer was upset because they weren’t getting emails from a reservation service.  Their complaint led to they were losing business and that its never failed them before.  Yet through all of their complaining, it turns out the reservation site was blacklisted for spamming.  Thus, emails were being rejected due to that fact.  I advised them to contact the reservation service and have the service get removed from the blacklist.

A person is upset that they are getting more spam than ever before.  They are all bent out of shape that we aren’t doing our job.  Turns out the moron has their email publicly listed all over the net.  Spam bots are simply having a field day with it.  When I inform them that we can tighten up the spam filtering, but may cause them to lose legitimate emails and that it’s only going to get worse as their email is out there for the world to do as they please, but the person responds with “It’s been on the net for years and it’s never been a problem before.”.  Well gee douche-bag, spam is a bigger problem than it was 10 years ago too.

A person called that her PC had locked up.  Not sure why they called the ISP for a PC problem not relating to internet, but whatever, it’s cool.  But the comment is “I’ve never had a problem with this before.”.

These are the same people who want new faster PC’s and new faster Internet as these are changes in technology.  Yet, they still have this mentality that nothing has changed, now or ever.  It’s always been this way.  It’s always worked, it would never break or that the problem has grown and is harder than ever to control.  That they can keep doing things the same way as always and never have to worry about making changes to protect themselves…  It’s these same sheep that have their identity stolen because that’s how they’ve always done things.

Guess what.  Your PC can change and have a problem where yesterday or a year ago it didn’t.  Spam is out of control causing blacklists to change and filter legitimate emails out.  Spam bots have gotten smarter and spammers find ways around blocks and filters.  Things change people.  So as a human race we too must change.  Change our thinking and get smarter to protect ourselves.  If you want to publicly list your email, then turn around and blame me for your spam, you seriously need to rethink yourself.  I can’t help you unless you are willing to change to help yourself too.

Do Toyota owners approach their mechanic saying “it never sped out of control like that before…”?


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