Shift the Blame

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Forty years on this planet, and people never cease to amaze me with their inability to take responsibility for their actions.  I just got a call from a lady who has internet service with my company.  However, she’s not at home, she’s at some Doctor’s home watching their children or something.  Not sure.

But she decides to use their internet and wants to print out an “important email”.  She sees the printer is unplugged from power and from the computer and manages to plug it into the power and somewhere on the computer she’s using.  Apparently not in the right spot as it kills the internet to the PC.

She calls my office to help her with her “desperate” situation.  “Hoping that I can help her.” A.K.A. she doesn’t want to get in trouble by the Doctor who’s PC she may have messed up.

Firstly, did it ever occur to her that the printer was unplugged for a reason?  What made her think it was OK to go monkeying with it.  The Doctor apparently gave her permission to use the PC, but perhaps figured she was smart enough to not mess with the disconnected printer.  Doh… I see a new client for {dŭm’ăs-ə-fō’bē-ə} coming up!

So I listen to her problem and she wants to know how to restore the internet (I assume that she’s disconnected the printer again, but not going to question her at this time).  I ask, “What type of internet are they using?”, with the follow up of “Cable, DSL, Satelite, Dialup, FiOS or other?”.  She says, “they probably have top of the line internet”.  That didn’t tell me anything.

So I ask, “Do they use a router?”  Again with the top of the line response.  So I have no idea what I’m working with and really thinking about it shouldn’t take any chances in helping her anyways.  Because if I get it wrong, then it’s my responsibility and I’m not the one who was messing with things I shouldn’t have in a strangers house.

She remembers talking to me before, as I do her.  She doesn’t like the fact that if I need to know something prior to her getting help, she get’s pissy and decides I’m the unhelpful type.  Which in this case, why should I?  Why should I take responsibility for her actions?  NO, HELL NO!  HELL FUCK NO!

So she ends the call and then tries to call back Billing and Sales lines.  I’m the only one here, so she says “I must have the wrong number.” when she hears my name.  Bullshit she’s not about to call my boss to report me on my attitude when she’s the one in hot water.

Take responsibility for your own actions people.  If you mess up, own up to it.  Don’t hide it or get upset when you don’t get magical answers from a non-responsible party.

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