Twitter, I tried…

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twitter-bird-bloodJust got done deleting my Twitter account.  Just like all the other social networking hotspots, it’s just not for me.  All it is, is a commenting tool really.  You make comments in 140 characters or less.  Supposedly answering a simple question, “What are you doing?”.

Well, my life doesn’t need constant updates, I don’t need people knowing every little thing I do.  So it’s either not getting updated, or there’s not enough room to really say what’s going on.  I am not such a social tard to have a constant need to twitter I’m having coffee at Starbucks from my smart-phone.  Who cares!  Whatever makes you people feel good and self important I guess.

Not to mention, many of my subscribers where bots.

That’s what this blog is for.  If I feel I need to say something, I have limitless room to say it.  I have time to think out my thoughts carefully and can edit them prior to posting anything.  It has a commenting system built in.  It auto cuts off comments in 14 days so conversations don’t go on after going stale.  Done.

Facebook is a god awful place where you spend all day replying and dealing with “apps”.  Fuck that.  People always tell me I need a facebook.  For what?  You have to search for me to find me.  Or have some, yeah that’s about as professional as having a website with a email account.  You can always find me at, no need to fuck around searching.  And all my emails end in because I know what the fuck I’m doing on the net, I don’t need some social app to do it for me.

Here I get to layout my content as I want you to see it.  I can show off my website making skills in designing themes.  Not some same old everyone else has facebook or worse.. MySpace.  You can hardly even read any MySpace page, they are horrid and painful to look at, these are geared for the socially inept who feel they need this to be popular and have no talent to make a unique design what-so-ever.

Frankly I think all these social networking places are just gates to allow retards flood onto a place that was once for the intelligent.  Now I have to train these tards to use a bookmark because they’ve owned a computer for 2 years and never knew what bookmarks were for.  They go to search and type in the same things over and over.  God forbid if they lose their browser history.