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I don’t like being lied too just to get a sale on something more expensive.  The weekend before last, I happened to be on my way to make a donation of used computer parts and old video games to the local thrift store.  As I passed I noticed the Treadquarters was open in Williamsburg where I live.  So on my way back, I decided to stop by and see if they can get me fixed up with new tires.

Now, I’m an online shopper.  So I had already gone to (Treadquarters main site), and had priced out tires for $67 per tire “on the rim and out the door” price.  I already knew what I wanted.  Captain goatee behind the counter was not only short with me as if I had ruined his Sunday, but then proceeded to tell me the following: “We don’t have any in stock, (1 click of the keyboard button and no pause for breath) and we don’t carry any in the local warehouse so none of our stores have them.”  As I live in HamptonRoads, I can go to one of many locations, this was his way of saving me the effort, or in this case, to discourage me from bothering.  Then he said, “But if you buy today, I can get you some Yokohama’s, buy 3 get 1 free even though they sale ended yesterday.”.  Of course this means a hundred and some dollars more than I had budgeted for.  I said “no thanks” and walked out disappointed.

Last weekend after months of dealing with bald tires, I was determined to find some somewhere.  My wife worked in Newport News that day, so I started there.  I went to Sam’s Club and they had some for about the right price, but they don’t take credit cards.  WTF?  Who doesn’t take credit cards?

Then I went to Pepboys and just about shit my pants at the quote they gave me.  Never did like Pepboys anyways.  So with a resounding “hell no”,  I left.

Next was Treadquarters in Newport News.  Why?  Because Captain Goatee boy pissed me off.  I didn’t like his attitude and being I work in computers, I know that there was no way he even bothered with the warehouse that fast.  He just wanted to fuck me over for a sale.  Don’t mistake me for a dumbass, I will call you out.  Sure enough, they not only carried them, the gentleman who helped me was also kind enough to get them on in a few minutes and had me new wiperblades to boot.  All for my target price.  Hmm.. Guess Williamsburg Treadquarters are not anyone I would recommend dealing with, but Newport News has great service.

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