Time to go 64!

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Windows 7 Pro x64

I’m all about technology and computers.  My budget doesn’t always allow me to get the latest and greatest of toys.  I was late on the DVD revolution and I’m still not going to Blu-ray just yet.

Due to an unfortunate schmelting accident (no my privates are not gold), my main desktop PC was suffering a painful death.  A.k.a. my VIA raid controller started to die, and was causing wonderful syncing effects and lockups.  After hours of testing and not having any fun over the New Years holiday, it was time to perform surgery to my digital baby.

This included a new motherboard (as buying a new controller wasn’t cost effective and would only buy a couple of months before the whole mobo died), new processor (sadly not as fast GHz wise, but certainly more efficient) and a nicer case to put them into as my old one has front-side usb issues (and was disconnected).  Also since my RC1 of Windows 7 was going to expire in March, I decided to get a copy of Windows 7 Pro x64.

Yes, I finally jumped on the x64 bandwagon.  Hell Linux and Mac have been doing it for years, and Microsoft has been doing it since April 25, 2005.  It is high time I did too!  Though this means I kept my original Video Card, Memory, Hard Drives, DVD-RW Drive and even my 80Plus Power Supply.  So not much has changed.  I even went from 3.0GHz to 2.6GHz due to cost restrictions.

Low and behold to my wondrous eyes, my performance shot through the roof in comparison to the PC of old.  My Windows Experience Index went from a 4.8 to 5.5.  Sure, not top of the line, but the best is yet to come.  I played my Runes of Magic and in instances where I’d have to lower my graphics just to get 15 FPS (Frames per second), I was now able to do with the graphics cranked to full and not drop below 24 FPS (normal is 30 FPS) and averaged 45 FPS most everywhere else.  All my other games were in the hundreds which was extremely nice.  So.. a slower processor, but using x64 Windows I was able to almost double all my performance?  How is that possible?  Wow, does that happen in every program?

Well.. It’s going to be a while before I can find out, as most of the software I use is even more behind the times than I am.  Most still don’t support x64 architecture.  (yes, I’m writing this as if I didn’t already know about x64, bare with me but I actually consider my readers who aren’t uber-geeks like me)  So what gives?  Why don’t all software makers support x64?  It’s certainly the way to go.  I’m a fan that’s for sure.  I’ve updated my freeware list to show links to x64 freeware that I now use.

Though I plead for all software makers to get on the ball and in game with x64!!