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OK folks we go through this year after year.  Always seems around Christmas time too.  Let me first say, this is an argument you will NEVER win, so for the love of all that is good and precious, stop!  Honestly, I’m in a business where I know my stuff.  I’m good at what I do.  I don’t understand the need to convert me to the unholiness that is Mac.  Steve Jobs can swallow a live Monkey for all I care, I’m not changing.  I’ve considered it at great length, and have concluded I am happy to be a PC user, nay a proud PC Enthusiast!!!  Expert even!  {sorry a Snagglepuss fan}

I cover this every year too, but somehow always restart my blog, need to stop that so I can keep history where it needs to be.  Anyways…


First, lets go with the economics.  Mac = NOT ECONOMICAL!!!  Case in point, my laptop.  Bought it for $399.  Equivalent Mac Laptop $1200!!!  WTF?  This holds true for all 7 of my computers.  So without doing a lot of math, the cost would simply be 4x of my current total.  But wait, there’s more!  I would also have to replace most of my current freeware with software that comes with a price tag and that’s per machine… So all in all the bill comes to roughly $12,000….  Yeah… Fuck that and Fuck you Mac junkies.  Just because it costs more it’s better?  Why does it cost almost 4x a PC?  It’s got the same shit inside, same parts, same manufacturers.  I’m thinking Apple has got people nice and fooled.  Sure the OS is different, but it costs less than Windows, so why is the machine as a whole so much more expensive?  Are there gold fairies inside?  Oh wait,  I’ve seen the insides… and no there isn’t any gold fairies.


I hear you Mac users.  “I can do this on my Mac” “I can do that on my Mac”.  Bitches please.  Unless I’m a professional Movie maker or professional Musician.  There isn’t anything I can’t do on a PC just as well as any Mac.  Oh wait, I can do even more!!  I can play video games, thousands of them.  What does Mac have?  World of Warcraft, Sims 3, Call of Duty?  Is that it?  Maybe a handful more.  There’s a reason that Mac only makes up 7-12% of the market.  It’s because people have come to understand where the target audience is when it comes to selling software and games.  It’s the Windows platform.  They want the most players and users they can get for their money.  Therefore they target Windows users.  I can’t play Runes of Magic on Mac.  Oh and did I mention Runes is Free 2 Play?  What free 2 play games are there for Mac?  Not many if any.


OK, this one cracks me up.  People have claimed time and time again they are safer on a Mac because it isn’t susceptible to viruses.  So why does every major AntiVirus have a version for Mac?

Just to name a few.  Well what do you know, there’s viruses for Macs too.  The secret to not getting a virus infection on your computer is to not visit untrusted websites, or porn.  Keep your virus software up-to-date.  Install the latest patches for your OS.  Who’da thunk it?  If you have a computer, you can get an infection.  If you own a computer, you should take care not to fuck it up.

So far, still not finding any reason to go Mac… Nope not 1 reason.


Most of you so-called Mac Enthusiasts don’t even unlock 10% of your computers capabilities.  But then have the audacity to try to convert me to going Mac.  You check your emails, blog, surf the web, watch a video or two.  Maybe edit a scrap book for your friends grand-daughters wedding that ended in shame cause her military husband is cheating on her and she’s cheating on him….  or even quick edit a video in iMovieHD.  Yippee.. I can do all of that too folks.  But I do more, so much more, loads more.  Use the read more for a list of things I do.  It’s a looooong fucking list.  And I do it almost purely with freeware.  Free!  No extra cost!

So Mac users please stop bugging me.  I’m glad you like your uber space age GUI (that’s graphical user interface – you know the pretty pictures you see on the screen…), but I love my Windows PC, I like saving money doing so.  I like having so much functionality and most of it for free.

I’m a PC, and this is how I get shit done!

What I do with my PC’s.  (List will be updated as I remember all this things I do)

  • Surf the web
  • Email
  • Watch Online Movies (Netflix)
  • Watch Online TV (Netflix)
  • Power my telephone (MagicJack)
  • Rip my DVD’s
  • Host a Movie/Music Server (see rip DVD’s)
  • Host a Gaming Server
  • Play Games
  • Host LAN Parties
  • Share Files
  • Download Music (Amazon)
  • Stream Internet Radio
  • Broadcast Internet Radio (privately as the RIAA sucks)
  • Edit Video
  • Edit Audio
  • Pay Bills
  • Banking / Financial
  • Produce Movies (YouTube and Professional – TRCTS)
  • Create Custom Graphics
  • Design Websites
  • Edit LUA, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS code and more!
  • Write Scripts (both code and movie)
  • Create DVD’s (School, Events, etc…)
  • Create Mix Music CD’s
  • Rip Music to many formats
  • Design Video Games (abandoned project, but I still have the software)
  • Create Audio Commercials for Work
  • Blog
  • Research Projects
  • Edit Photos
  • Create Photo Albums (both print and web)
  • Remote Desktop to connect to other computers (personal or to do tech support)
  • Convert Videos to multiple formats
  • Help design networks and scan for wireless issues
  • Package software for others into installers
  • Write Documents, Spreadsheets and create Presentations
  • Handle Billing for my company
  • International Voice Chat (Ventrilo)
  • Video Chat (Skype)

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