Woot! Windows 7!

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Windows 7Feels like an eternity since May 5th when they put up the Release Candidate for Windows 7.  I’ve used it every day since on both my laptop and my desktop.  Loved every moment of it.  I’ve never been able to say that about an OS.  EVER!

Finally it’s released.  Now I must make a plan.  Not too worried about it being on my older machines, they all have XP in some fashion (Home, Pro and Media Center Edition).  But I do want it on my laptop (Home Premium 7), and I’m debating on building a new machine and putting Ultimate 7 on it or just getting Ultimate 7 for my current desktop….  It’s hard, cause my desktop is trusty but is almost 2 years old.  My normal schedule to redo PC’s is every 2 years.  Need to keep up with the latest tech.  That and need to figure out how I’m going to afford all of this.  It’s not  like it was 2 years ago when building a new PC wasn’t a big deal.  Now it dents the budget and that’s not gonna be easy to get by on.

While I wish I could get my 2 copies of Windows 7 for free, it’s just not gonna happen.  {sigh}

Though with all that’s going on at home in the PC department, I should pass my PC on to either the child or wife (wife’s new PC has been a bit hokey at times with no real explanation as to why).  But would be nice to move the kid to a newer machine, but then again, she has a habit of destroying what we give her….  It’s a tough call…  Much to ponder.

Guess now that the day is here, I’m excited and bewildered how I’m going to implement the changes and afford it over all….