No New Rock in Hampton Roads

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I may as well rip my radio out of my car, and toss it out of the window.  All the radio stations here have gone to crap.  In the past few years, most stations have changed their format, others shifted it.

Outside of the Hip-Hop, Country, Contemporary cry in my salad and talk/christian stations.  There are really no New Rock stations.  Alternative isn’t bad, but if Mike and Bob can’t stop talking just to hear themselves for more than 5 minutes.  Why is there an afternoon show?  Is this the morning show for slackers?  Wouldn’t mind so much if they would actually give decent content.  Guess that’s what Emo crybaby’s are into.

93.7 the Coast played decent music for the most part, now they are Bob FM, did we mention Bob FM?  Let us say it again, Bob FM and hey while we are at it, we are Bob FM…. for god sakes… shut up Bob.

94.9 has been steady but it’s really hard to rock to most of their music and are more of an office friendly station.  A.K.A. boring…  God don’t dare listen to their morning show!!

Chuck & Woo Woo are Hampton Roads leaders in all thing entertainment! Whether it’s Chuck entertaining listeners with his “sexy voice” or Woo Woo breaking the latest in Hollywood news…they’re funny, family friendly and local.

No, they are annoying and whiny.  If “Woo Woo”.. never mind the idiot nick name says enough…

96.1 the X is our alternative station…   See second paragraph…

106.9 the Fox – Well this is our resident Classic Rock station.  This is where the long hair, pot smoking 70’s generation hangs out.  Keep rockin!  Oh and could you not try to start that obnoxiously loud Harley Davidson before 6am please?  Honestly, why does any motorcycle need to be that effing loud…

100.5 Max FM – Hard New Rock!  Then one day… poof… they became Chinese All You Can Eat Buffet music.  Holy crap! What the hell happened?  That lasted 3 days, then…poof… Walt Disney took over it seems and now they play Hannah Montana teenie bopper music.

Then there is or was my all time favorite Hampton Roads station, hardly ever a reason to change the channel…

98.7 FM99 – They played the best Rock, mostly new, some old, some classic.  But about a year or so ago, they shifted the format.  Playing more Lynard Skynard, George Thorogood and more… Huh?  Isn’t that the crowd that the Fox goes for?  Now I have to listen to the same songs I’ve been hearing for 30 years now.  Ever since I was a kid listening to my parents listen to this old music.  Same music my uncle would sit around smoking pot listening too.  The long haired loser.  Every day, the same old repetitive songs….  Over and over and over…  did I end up in hell or something?

Then to make things worse, the only reason left for listening to FM99 was the morning show.  Tommy and Rumble.  These guys were by far the funniest guys ever.  Not only that, but they were a god send to the community in all their blood drives, Christmas events, summer golf tournaments, tractor races and the list goes on and on.  But all in all, they were the best.  I’ve listened to radio all over this country and these guys should have been syndicated.   Bob and Tom are syndicated on many classic rock stations all over the country.  They can’t hold a candle to Tommy and Rumble.  But… as of 3 days ago.  Tommy quit.  No heads up, nothing.  I understand (don’t quote me), it’s a contract issue.  It’s a sad issue.  I fear for the future of the FM99 morning show.  It’s the only hour of radio I get that’s worth listening too.  Granted, it’s not music, but it’s very entertaining.

So that’s it, there’s nothing left for me here in Hampton Roads in the music field.  I haven’t heard 1 new rock song in months cause every station in Hampton Roads now officially sucks when it comes to music and format that my generation would be interested in.  I’d listen to 102.1 in Richmond, but I’m not close enough to get a good signal.  If I had the money and know how, I’d start my own.  It though appears that I’m just boned in every direction…

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