Attack of the “Updaters”

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Yes, having up-to-date software is important.  But it’s only absolutely vital in a few areas, mainly the Antivirus, Malware, Browser and maybe the Email and IM programs.  Yes any program that accesses the internet directly I understand.  Why must you have some idiot updater be in your face and running at all times for programs that aren’t essential?  Why can’t it check when you open the program once a week?

Instead you’ve got Java Updater, Apple Updater and Google Updater all checking 24/7 for updates and they don’t make any bones about telling you there is an update available.  You might be knee deep in a video game and POW!!! Drop you at your desktop and kill your character or your whole group (if you play online MMORPG’s).  Just to find out that Google Earth is updated.  Big effing deal.  Didn’t need to know that at the most inappropriate time.

Watching a movie via my sweet little home network/movie server and BAM!!  Apple tells me that there’s an update for Quicktime.  Who the flip cares?  I was enjoying a movie!!

It’s getting harder to deal with.  Having to remove Java Updater from the startup, uninstalling Apple Updater (even though I removed the check mark that says “don’t install updater” it installs anways…  Google is getting harder to find stand alone installers… Come on guys!!  Stop eating my PC’s resources with your useless crapware!!  If it’s not a security software, you don’t need to be all up in my face with your updates!  And I don’t want to install everything under the sun that you have to offer as your updater is sometimes an all purpose installer!  (I’m talking about Google and Microsoft’s Live installers/updaters)

All my PC’s run streamlined and secure.  But the effort I go through to keep my resources open is ridiculous due to these un-needed and unwanted updaters/installers.

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