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I realize I’m getting older and the “old man” jokes are already becoming tiresome, but what the hell is with people telling me that I know more about technology because I’m not as old as they are.   This leads me to asking them how old they think I am.  They guess in the early 30’s and I always reply with “I wish”.  Then proceed to tell them that most of my kids are grown up and 2 of them are already married (NO GRAND KIDS YET PLEASE!!!!).

Then I got to thinking, none of my kids got into technology.  Well 1 got into playing MMORPG games, but that doesn’t make her knowledgeable about technology.  She still can’t operate her digital video camera properly.  So, there’s an example of a young generation not getting with it.

Also, 90% of the people who helped me become as knowledgeable as I am, are considerably older than me.  Not too mention, that computers started long before I ever got into it.  So, there’s an example of older generations who know more than I do.

So what does age have to do with technology?  You can learn at any age!  I’m not young and I’m not old.  I just have a sincere interest in technology.  Therefore I learn it.  You can too, if you’re interested.

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