When Geeks Rule the World

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Got to thinking on how time changes everything.  Many years ago, trains, planes and automobiles changed how we travel.  Time and war got us to change how we feel about slavery.  Being homosexual was once considered taboo and unacceptable.

Though I’m thinking about myself and how things used to be for me.  As a child of the 80’s, I have many fond memories of that time period.  Save for the fact that I was a geek.  I got into computers, software and the like.  At the time, others considered folks like me to be a loser or use the term geek as a way to ridicule me.  Isn’t it funny that those same people call me for tech support because they too have computers?  Or how society in general get upset when their once considered geeky devices aren’t functioning?  These same people now have MySpace pages, email and such.  Using their cellphones, computers and other portable devices.

Back then, playing Dungeons & Dragons was OMG geeky.  You were part of a very small crowd if you played fantasy games in basements with your trench coat wearing buddies.  Now millions of people log on every night to their World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Runes of Magic, Warhammer and on and on and on…  Wow, you are all geeks!  Guess fantasy games are cool after all huh?

Look around.  The things that once got me picked on in school are now the things everyone is into.  And if you aren’t a geek on some level, then you aren’t cool.  Twenty-some years ago, you’d hardly see a shirt that says “I Love Geeks”, now it’s not only a shirt, but a bumper sticker, pins and more.  Back then it wasn’t cool.  Now it’s all the rage.  Huh… Go figure….

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