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What in the hell is going on with this “Great Nation”?  We are supposed to be so strong and so proud.  Then why is every one bailing out of business and letting America go to foriegn interests piece by piece?

Example: 7-11 stores are all now owned by Japan, the beer that stood for America and it’s freedoms for so many years, Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. is now owned by Belgians.  Who, by the way, has already managed to destroy a great local theme park of ours Busch Gardens with all of their “changes” and I can only assume more changes are coming.

While this is nothing new, it seems that there is no sign of it ending.  Our recession is certain to put us over the top and push us to becoming the States of America no longer United.

It was bad enough when Amercia started outsourcing jobs to cut costs on products.  Now they are simply outsourcing the companies all together.  I may very well work at one of the last few American owned, American run companies if this trend continues.

Do you want some scary numbers?  How about the 16,613 other American Companies sold to Foriegn Interests between July, 1978 – July, 2008.  What will happen when your job at General Motors becomes part of Honda (not saying this is going to actually happen).  When all our major American Businesses become foriegn, will we then be held to the company that owns the most interest in America to rename us?  Sony Presents…  The United States of America – put that on your bumper sticker.   “The Good Old S.P.U.S of A”

I want my America back where it belongs!  In America!

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