Social Networking – How I Hate It

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We have so much to talk about, and yet nothing to really say.  Email, IM, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and on and on and on it goes.  Will Social Networking stop?  Probably not.  And if these socialites can’t be by their PC, then it’s the cellphone and text messaging.

Example: yesterday we took the kids to Busch Gardens.  The whole time we were there, the kids were on their phones just tapping or talking away.  They didn’t much care that we where trying to have some family time.  They just had to talk with ALL their friends.  Come on!  Roller coasters!  Sheesh….

  • Email – So there I was, surrounded by the cats, Fluffy, Snuggles, Snowball, Blacky…
  • Instant Messaging – did u get dat pic i sent?
  • Affordable Cellphones – Jenny and Jill could be BFF’s all day while raising the number of phone related auto accidents.
  • Texting –  OMG!  BFF Ilvu!! lol eek CRASH ttyl g2g popo here.
  • MySpace – Hey, I do not possess the intelligence to make a website, I’m colorblind and have no interesting life what-so-ever.  Thanks for leaving a comment!!
  • Facebook – Now I have a full-time job just replying to all the idiocies presented to me on one website.
  • YouTube – Look at me!! Look at me!! I have no real qualities, but goodness I’m the funniest person I’ve ever known!!
  • Twitter – What am I doing now?  Nothing any sane human being would be remotely interested in.

God, and I gave up  What was I thinking!  Oh yeah, I didn’t want to spend every moment of my day ranting about the retards that flock to Social Networking.  Talk about your full-time job.  Honestly people, why does anyone really care about your pathetic life that you need to make a mockery of yourself and show off just how talentless you really are?

Blogging, if you are a casual blogger who can creatively think of something good or give good criticism about or the occasional rant {ahem}, then I applaud you.  Especially if you can put a good presented personal website with it.  If you are handicapped in that arena, then Blogger or would be a better bet for you.  Though please try and learn how to use it to it’s fullest potential.  Educate yourself, it never hurts.  Get out, spend some time with real people, and places.  Then blog about them when you have the spare time.

Rather than being this mindless zombie that got a great address like “”.

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