What happened to Forsaken Wars?

No Forsaken WarsOK, you may have seen earlier that I have domains for sale.  Two of them relate to the project we researched and talked about for hours over Vent.  Why are the domains for sale?  It’s because of it’s not going to happen.  At least not any time soon, if ever.

All the research I did, didn’t prepare me for what was to really come.  Realm Crafter.  This is a MMORPG engine all ready to go.  You simply have to supply the textures, models, scripts, dedicated server, butt-load of bandwidth and a team of people to help you get it done on time.  Yeah, it’s those last 6 items that ruined it for me.

Textures and models aren’t exactly cheap.  Sure you might find some cheap ones, but then you need hundreds of them for good variety.  Or you can make them yourself.  If you know how and can afford the software to make good ones.  Then you have to learn scripting, everything in the game is driven by scripts.  Walking, running, trading, selling, fighting, casting spells, dying, resurrecting, quests and on and on and on…

Did I mention that Realm Crafter is using outdated technology?  Even the pro version is only using Directx 9.  Well, they do use Phys-X, but no one is really taking advantage of Phys-X.   And in order to enjoy it, you have to have an nVidia based video card.  So ATI folks are left out.  This also makes you have to bundle Phys-X drivers with Directx 9, even if your customers have Vista or Windows 7.  So by the time you would get your game in order, the technology is so antiquated, it’s not worth producing.

Then….  This is the clincher…  Realm Crafter is broken.  The Mega Terrain editor leaves sharp dips in anything you edit between “sections”.  The tree editor no longer allows you to edit trunks.  This is supposed to be a finished product (Standard Edition), but in every patch release, there are new features, bug fixes and new broken shit.  How can you call it a finished product if it has development stopping flaws?  Customer service is also broken.  You get support via forums only.  Mostly community based support.  Though I’ve seen 1 or 2 Realm Crafter reps post regularly if they feel like it.  My post went unanswered for many days, and then 2 other people who have RC, posted saying they too were having the problem.  To date, no RC rep has commented on my issue.  So the support sucks.

If you want to make an MMORPG, you simply need a team of professional coders.  Do it yourself and only be behind the curve by a few months on the technology.  And… you’ll have a game that you can say you really did create.  Rather than.. “wow this feels familiar”, as a Realm Crafter game would.

Not too mention, Runes of Magic (the game I play now), is 90% of what Forsaken Wars was going to be.  Outside of the cartoon-ish looks you get in the first 2 cities, it’s actually what I envisioned.  It has fewer classes (humans only for now, but elves coming).  It’s got a lot to offer and it’s using an up to date engine, so it’s not behind on technology either.  I tried, but in the end… it wasn’t going to be worth it.  Though, I may play around and put together a private game for giggles as time permits.

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