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Well a few weeks ago the company I work for was bought out and moved 30 miles away from home.  While my job isn’t something to get excited about, it certainly beats working in fast-food or retail.  It’s a small town ISP with only a few thousand customers.  What I like most about it is that it’s local and not corporate owned.  Well….  now it is I guess, but not by a big corporation.  Also I love the fact that my opinion matters.  Well….  At least it did matter.  Maybe it still does, I’m not quite sure yet.

See, I’ve spent the better part of my life as a technician.  Ten years as a PC tech, and the past 5 years as an ISP tech.  (I’ll tell you now, that ISP techs have a harder job than PC techs)  But the company that bought us is a computer repair/distribution company.  The owner is a nice guy for the most part.  Though he’s a Microsoft Fan Boy.  The only thing Microsoft I like is Windows XP.  I can’t stand Vista or Mac.  Absolutely hate Microsoft Office and loathe Outlook.  This is already causing some conflicts.  To make matters worse, because I spent part of my techie life working for Gateway, he seems to have a problem with my knowledge of computers.  Not that he’s ever tested me.  And while this may be understandable, as most of the so-called techs I worked with there, couldn’t tell a P4 connector from a floppy cable, I unlike them, do know a considerable amount about PC’s and their inner workings.  I don’t care to be “judged” on the fact that I used to work with these other losers.  This leaves me with a feeling of distaste for driving out of my way, paying high-ass gas prices for a meager raise.  It simply does not compensate.  While my immediate boss is trying to get me to stay and is going out of his way to make my life simpler… I only get to work to feel like an outcast by my new boss.

I’m not sure how long this will last.  I love my immediate boss, but it’s going to be hard fitting in with a boss that loves things I do not.  It not only hurts my comfort level in my work environment, but now it’s beginning to bother me outside of work.  This is not how I want to spend my years until retirement.  I don’t want to feel resented because of my past.  I’m a great tech, if only he’d see that.  If not, perhaps I should move on to something closer to home.

OK, enough of the pity party….  (starting to creep myself out)

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