A Call to the Thinkers in the World

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Got a good head on you? Do you like to take debate with the issues in our ever changing world? Then if you’ve got some time to spare, I’m looking for ideas from you! The Dumasaphobia project is underway. If you agree with it, tell me why. Tell me your feelings on how it can be helped. Ways that YOU would fight stupidity in our society. If you are really good, tell me some statistics you’ve found. (please send credible links to your data)

Are you a number cruncher? I could use someone like you. Someone good at compiling data into graphs and charts. Someone to prove that stupidity is on the rise. The reasons for it and so-forth.

Do you disagree with my philosophy? Do you feel that Dumasaphobia is unfounded rubbish? Tell me. I’ll be happy to take your feedback.

We’ve got our first actress ready to make her statement about how she suffers from Dumasaphobia. We need 9 more for doing that same part and a spokesperson.

Email me with your ideas, interests, discussions, or concerns.