The Serious Side of Dumasaphobia

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As a person who works in customer support (tech support to be specific), I know how hard it is to deal with the daily idiots. In so much, that I make fun of them, get irritated with them, and as the years have passed, gotten to the point where they just frustrate me to the point of absolute anger. I don’t want them around me, I’m afraid I’ll be surrounded by them anywhere I go. Truth be told, I can point one out every few minutes. One day joking around with my wife (who shares many of my feelings on the subject), we came up with the term Dumasaphobia. {dŭm’ăs-ə-fō’bē-ə}

Though the more I think of it, the reality of the truth isn’t very far from the satire. There are literally thousands of stupid people on this planet. Do you seek the truth of it? Ironically, the show “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” proves part of it. Granted, I’m sure they screen the contestants for their knowledge, or lack there of, to make entertaining television. Though it seems to me, it appeals to a large group that may not be smarter than a fifth grader, and a smaller group that are intelligent just to see how stupid people are. Even with Cheating from the shows’ “students”, there has yet to be a winner of the Grand Prize! (1 Million Dollars) One contestant blew it on the first question! As entertaining as this may be to America, the scariness of the truth is blatantly and painfully obvious…

A couple of weeks ago, this thought hit me. If schools are lowering the Standards of Education to have more students graduate, doesn’t that mean that we intend on having adults who are less capable of competent thought patterns? What if we apply that same philosophy to say…. Nursing. For a long time now, this country has had a hard time getting qualified nurses into positions with hospitals. Or for that fact, let’s lower the standards of education for Doctors. Wouldn’t you feel a bit intimidated to have any medical care from an overpriced, under educated medical person? How about lowering the standards of education for Lawyers? It’s bad enough we have innocent people in jail and criminals walking free. Just how much would the numbers increase in both aspects if we lower education standards for lawyers? Frankly, those thoughts contribute to my lack of a good nights sleep.

This as well as many other statements I will be making in the upcoming informational documentary of Dumasaphobia – the fear of stupid people. Frankly, even though it’s now a satire on all the “phobia’s” and “diseases” we have magically come up with over the past 10 years, I do see it as a legitimate fear, something that should affect people in an adverse way. We as a society have lacked in discipline due to the whole “spanking” thing in the past, and I know from personal experience, as well as watching other families, that “time-outs” never has really worked the way intended. That a lack of fear in reprisal, has contributed to this whole manifestation in idiocy.

I am certainly no genius, and I don’t expect anyone to be one. However, I think everyone should be smarter than a fifth grader…

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