Call Center – The Movie

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In my trips around the internet, I find a lot of things. However, I am very surprised when I started working on the Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support script, that I didn’t run across this site/movie sooner. It’s freakin’ hilarious! For those of you who have ‘talked’ about the outsourced tech support issues over the past 5 or so years, this will make your day.

The movie is simply called Call Center. It’s a great short produced by Amyn Kaderali, Manish Goyal and Sunil Malhotra and done very well. It even received the following awards:

  • BEST COMEDY! – Riverside International Film Festival
  • “A Hilarious Spoof!” – SF Weekly
  • “A Must-See! Fantastic!” – Film Monthly
  • Golden Reel Nominee Best Short Film -VC Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival

It’s even listed in the Internet Movie Database! (hope I can do as good or perhaps even better – time will tell)

Also, keep an eye out for their next flick Kissing Cousins!

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