Kathy Pfautsch to play Caller 1 in TRCTS

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Kathy sent in her audition and floored me on how well she nailed the part. Congrats to Kathy 🙂 Also turns out she can sing pretty darn good too!

This means we are all 1 person closer to having the full cast. Keep the auditions coming!

I did make 2 slight changes to the cast.

  1. I decided that I want the tech to be a male role. Reason is, I picture this for the person who tries out, “What would it be like if Randall Graves worked in Tech Support?”. Anyone who can pull this off on camera…. 😈
  2. It would be more convincing if I can get some folks in the background playing other techs. (Extras) No speaking parts, but they can pretend to be helping other callers.

I really want to get some actors to contact me so we can not only decide on the tech, but get a real Trailer for Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support put together. I want to help grow some interest in this flick! Remember, all serious tryouts for the tech (and the extras), must live in or near Williamsburg Virginia!

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