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You’ve had to deal with them at your job, co-workers and customers. You’ve had to deal with them on the streets, talking on the cellphone, putting on makeup, cutting you off, or not signaling their intentions. You deal with them at the store, on the phone and just about anywhere you go. You deal with them just about every day. If you work in tech support, they are the only people that call you. Who are they? They’re dumb-asses. Idiot people that shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. But they have, and they are spreading like a virus.

What’s worse, is that they have caused another disease. A phobia. A mental disorder that has no cure. It’s called ‘Dumasaphobia’, the fear of stupid people. There is no cure, but there is hope. Please visit our Online Store and buy Dumasaphobia Gear today! Your purchase will help those in need (and trust me, I’m really needy…). You can also download our Desktops to help raise the awareness of this dreaded disease.

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