Cooking with Grease

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As the hot lard hits the hot frying pan, the production of Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support (TRCTS) is moving rather well. I’m very excited to see my plans come together so smoothly. Not too shabby for a first time project.  😉

We’ve got about a 3rd of the cast put together. A huge thanks goes out to the following people for their participation (in no particular order):

  • Kevin Kupla – Who is playing Caller 4
  • Lionel R. Guy – Who is playing Male 1 and the Narrator
  • Edwyn Tiong – Who is playing Male 2
  • Amanda Pascarella – Who is playing Female 2
  • Mr. L. J. DiLux – Who is playing Caller 7

Thank you all for your hard and very impressive work!!

Also, our MySpace Film page is doing pretty good too! We’ve got a good list of friends already!

There’s still a lot left to do and we still need more voice actors as well as the role of the technician is still open. If you live near Williamsburg Virginia, please audition!

I’m also quite anxious to get a real trailer going to get the peoples interest in watching our movie. I’m actually hoping to get it submitted to a few of the film festivals around the country.