Time to get to work

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Welcome one and all to 2007. Hope everyone had a good holiday. I’m only sorry we didn’t get any snow this year. Today it’s 70+ with rain. Though it’s a perfect CastleRain day!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get down to some serious movie making. I’ve placed the majority of my script up here to give folks a chance to audition and get in on the fun. I’m looking to have all the voice parts done by Friday, March 2, 2007. This way I can start filming shortly afterwards and have a final finished movie by summer. Granted, it won’t be shown in theaters (at least to my knowledge), but it will be viewable on many sites as well as available for purchase on DVD.

I’ve got a nice new tripod. No thanks to my self-centered step daughter. She isn’t concerned with anyone but herself. I could rant on that for a month straight, but it isn’t worth the effort and I’ve done all I can to remove the negativity from my site. So ’nuff said.

So come on folks, lets make a movie and have some fun! Hey Kevin and Brad, you still in on this?