Drive it like you stole it!

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Words I’ve been living by since I started playing video games. I’m not your normal gamer. Nor do I drive like that on the road (though there are other drivers who cause me much road-rage). I’m actually proud of my driving record, and I like my low insurance rates. But that’s not what I’m talking about….

I’m a Race Gamer. The more destructive the better! I especially love to play multiplayer using cars. But I’m not about to spend $15 a month to do Auto Assault, or any other MMORPG crap. I would have to be nuts to spend $180 a year to play a flippin game!! People who like that stuff? Fine. Me? Hell No! I’d much rather have my own server setup, it’s free plus my already exisiting kick ass high speed internet (insert shameless plug for my internet service here – and a hello to my friend Jeff). Thus when I figured out how to do mulitplayer in Carmageddon II, I was thrilled to death! Then came the others that either had multiplayer built in or there was a ready to download mod such as San Andreas Multiplayer. Though some mods are hard to keep cheating bastards off of. But in reality. We Car Gamers are few and far between. It’s very hard to find other players to jump in on the action. Unless you have a lot of friends with your own same tastes that you can catch with free time like that. I, unfortunately, do not. So being a Car Gamer, is a lonely state. Still fun as hell though! Perhaps I should start a Car Gamers Club. Anyone interested?

My Car Gaming started in 1982 with Pole Position, and through the ages, it morphed into the Carmageddon Series, Grand Theft Auto Series and now….. Flatout! I just got Flatout2 last night. Hillarious! As well as loads of fun and explosions! It’s by far not perfect, but still rocks. My wife egged me to stay up and play longer than I should’ve as she enjoyed it too! (time to build another PC for her?? – We used to play Carmageddon together for hours [kids too!!]). Now anyone else want to play??

Here’s a History of my Car Gaming Career (like you really wanted to know….)

Racing History