Logo and tweaks

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See my new logo? Isn’t it pretty? You know it is. Finally tweaked my theme and got my new logo in place. I’ve got a flaw or two to fix, but for the most part, she’s good to go. (why do men call their belongings she?)

In order to help my fellow internet/computer users, I’ve put up a list of free software that will help keep ya’ll safe. But you still have to keep after it. Just like knowing you must change your oil every 3000 miles in your car, you also have to run scans at least once a week on your computer (updates too!).

I also finally got my wife her new cellphone. Can’t say I was all that happy to keep checking Target every day just to find their person in charge of stock can’t seem to do his/her job…. But I’ll let it slide.

I also don’t think anything can get through my youngest daughters head. 7 years I’ve been trying, but she just can’t get it. I grounded her for a week because I got tried of yelling at her to either do her chores, or I’d have to keep after her or make her go back and complete them as she does a half-assed job. She got off Monday and she got to go to Granny’s house. She came home last night and the agreement was that I do her dishes and she do mine (which was last night) and dishes are to be done after dinner. Got up this morning… They still aren’t done…. UGH….


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