WoW! What Was I Thinking?

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My Elder Scrolls Online Toons

I haven’t really talked much about my switch to The Elder Scrolls Online.  But it’s the most fun I’ve had in nearly 10 years.  In another month I will have been an ESO convert for 2 years.  I am having way more fun than I’ve ever had playing WoW (World of Warcraft).

Honestly I don’t know why I haven’t talked more about it.  I have 5 level 50 toons.  Three of them are also Vampires and two are werewolves.  Just to change the fun up when they aren’t being a Necromancer, Hunter, Sorcerer, Healer, Templar, Nightblade (Rogue), Thief and Tank.  Yeah all of that out of 5 characters.

Sadly there are no flying mounts.  So I can’t soar above the world and marvel at the artwork.  But that is the ONLY downside I really can complain about when it comes to ESO.

Crafting is actually fun.  The housing system is the only one I’ve seen done right.  Guilds are amazing.  Questing is fun.  Dungeons (Delves) are fun.  World Bosses are amazing and difficult.  You can solo 85% of the PVE content as the difficulty changes to the group you are in.  No, you won’t always win the fight.  Sometimes you need a friend or random stranger to happen by and help.

The Elder Scrolls OnlineI can spend hours marveling at the artwork alone.  Way better than any other MMO I have ever experienced.

So come say hello to my digital family (Caldas Lanister, Ed Grubberman, Theodas Bloodthorn, Thana Bloodthorn or the fiend Theona Helwood).

Join me in game, you won’t regret it!  I play in North American servers for PC (Mac or Windows) 😁


Successful Escape

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Crashed Jet DeliveryI don’t know what I was thinking moving back to Gaylord when I came back from Virginia.  It was hard enough to escape that town the first time.

I moved out over a month ago, but was still driving to work in Gaylord.  At an average of $40 a day for gas, that was a slow losing battle.  I finally have a new job here.  Still not a tech or problem solving position that I truly desire.  But it’s local and something that will pay the bills just fine for now.

I’m so happy to have successfully escaped a second time.  I have zero intention of ever returning except to visit briefly 😉


Weight Loss Goal Met

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Weight Loss Goal MetSo after chatting with family, friends and medical folks, I have readjusted my first weight loss goal.  I was shooting for 220, but with my excess skin from the rapid loss, it will take some serious time to have my body rebuild itself.  So my goal of 230 was met a few weeks ago.  I finally did it!  To be honest, way faster than I expected.  I wanted to lose enough weight to get to a rational number of 230 pounds.  Only 40 pounds from what a medical doctor would recommend.  So in all reality I’m likely to achieve that goal as well.

I’m no longer a fat bastard.  I have achieved yet another goal just because I wanted it.  I really wanted it.  I did it.  So simple.  I ate wrong.  Once I fixed it.  The weight came off easily.

Now comes my second goal of losing the other weight of my now flabby stomach.

Here’s my reward to myself.

The hood is removable.  I may have it airbrushed with my CastleRain Logo.

CastleRain Logo

Let’s face it.  I look fucking sexy!


Fuck Gaylord Michigan

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Fuck Gaylord MichiganEver since I’ve come back to Michigan. One thing I regret the most is returning to my home town of Gaylord, Michigan. When I was a child it was a beautiful, peaceful town that I enjoyed. It has evolved into a tourist trap. The past years I’ve been here, I generally avoid it. I can’t enjoy my local restaurants. They are over crowded, I have to wait upwards of 45 minutes just to get seated.  Our stores are always out of products because these vultures come and clean out supplies for their expensive vacation homes and over priced accommodations.

Sure I make good money off these twats.  So I don’t mind that.  But when I want to enjoy food or commerce, I almost always leave Gaylord to find what I want.  I go to so many places to escape the tourists.  Such as Petoskey, Traverse City, Frederick and Saginaw.  Yes, I will drive 2 hours just to go out to eat because I’ll get seated immediately, served quickly and the ambiance is so much more enjoyable without the establishment being packed to the hilt.  Thus, even just trying to come to town for a bit of quite is long since gone.  This place is always packed with assholes.  Especially since the release of COVID lockdowns.  It’s worse than ever.

Being with Cindy, offered me more than I ever could have imagined.  I am so happy to be with her.  Plus she granted me one thing I couldn’t really afford on my own during the plandemic.  An escape from that hell hole town I once called home.  I now live near the eastern shores of Lake Huron near the bridge and island 😀

Good riddance Gaylord.  You can have your fucking tourists. F***ing Tourists!


Cindy & Denny

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This is Cindy.  I’ve been dating her since September 22, 2021.  I feel like I have finally found the one.  The one who fits me, the one who gets me.  I’m so insanely happy for the first time in forever.


I’m Not Doing That

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Stubborn PersonThis is a phrase I am hearing more and more these days.  At work.  People don’t even whisper it.  They just flat out say it like there will be no consequences.  And during COVID, clearly there isn’t.  We don’t have enough people to run most businesses in town.  Half of what we do have, are not very useful.  If at all.

When did it become OK or acceptable to just refuse to do your job?  Why is it not one persons responsibility but falls to someone else who has to do it for them.  Simply because the person who refuses, doesn’t feel like doing a certain aspect of their job or that it makes them feel like the task is somehow beneath them.  Therefore causing more work for others because they will not.

For some reason management turns a blind eye to this activity.  They hired this person to do the job.  Now this person won’t do the whole job.  Management would rather ask others to do the job instead of standing up and telling the person refusing to either do the task or they are no longer needed.  Instead management simply buckles.

I’m not wired that way.  I get hired to do a job.  If I’m asked to clean a bathroom, take out trash or do dishes.  I do it.  It’s what I’m getting paid to do.  If I refuse to do it, I should be told to go home and not come back unless I’m willing to do the job.  Not be pandered to and have someone else get the burden of my laziness.

I certainly don’t appreciate doing more work because the people who bothered to show up, won’t do their share of it.

Some days I envy people who no longer work because they can’t.  They don’t have to deal with doing more work than others because now we live in a world where if you don’t wish to do something, you still get paid for not doing it.


Girls Talk Boys Drum Cover

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Was just practicing last Friday when I decided throw up my phone and record to share what I was doing with friends. Turned out decent enough to share to everyone 😀

5 Seconds of Summer – Girls Talk Boys
Released 2016 – Ghostbusters: Answer the Call Soundtrack
on SME, UMG (on behalf of Capitol); Abramus Digital, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE – copyrighted property of its owner(s).
Camera – iPhone 12 Pro Max (Selfie Camera)

Edited with Sony Movie Studio 17 – 1080/60FPS

Filmed while screwing around practicing. Didn’t think I’d upload it, but it was requested I did.
Just a fun song. Though mistakes were made LOL


Feminine Girls

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Feminine GirlsMaybe that’s not the right description.  Girly Girls?  Women who like to dress up?  I don’t know.  Anything I say these days is likely offend someone.  But what I’m trying to say is a girl who spends time making herself look good.  Not the toss on a t-shirt and jeans with a quick brush of her hair and go with no makeup.

All the years on this planet, I’ve never been lucky enough to get a girl in my life who wears makeup or wears a proper dress.  Not the lazy sun dress that borders on wearing a muumuu.  Some nice shoes.  Doesn’t even need to be high heels.  Those things can ruin feet.  So flats or dressy type shoes at least.

Denny Tinna

Denny Tinna

I’ve never went to my own prom.  I did the creepy 24 year old at a high school prom.  Hence I’ve always wanted to recreate my own prom with the girl I loved.  But never had one that would dress up.

There’s still hope I suppose.  Just I’m not young anymore.  Before too long it will show.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.  I wear dress up clothes when asked.  Though I don’t own any right now 😂  Only because I’ve changed my entire clothing collection several times as I get skinnier.

As you can see in the picture to the right, I look stunning in a Tuxedo 😃



My Online Profile

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Denny 2021

Denny 2021

I’m gonna add this here, because dating apps suck.

Firstly, let me get this out of the way. I find it on so many profiles, but I’m not into the following things:
– Country Music
– Camping
– Fishing
– Not much of an outdoors person
– Bonfires

I hate snow in general. I’m only here because I have kids here.

What I am into is:

I’m a conservative. At least for the most part.

Music, mostly pop-punk, older hair metal (80s) and a mix of other things through the years. I do have some big band and jazz, but not much. A few eclectic things.

I play the drums and am learning guitar. I’ve done a few drum cover videos, nothing fancy. So I got new gear, and video editing equipment. Will build a studio in the house I hope to buy soon (been looking for months for one). Someday soon hope to be in a concert and make full on song covers. Perhaps even originals.

Outdoors I pretty much only walk, ride a bike (when my knee lets me – injured permanently but able to most anything still). Target practicing.

I have been known to go on trips to new places on occasion, but generally I’m a home body. I don’t much care for people. I keep few friends. More happy to come home to a loved one and a dog.

Love movies. Don’t read books unless it teaches me useful things. Mostly comedy, dystopian, fantasy, comedy/horror, but not horror by itself. Love Kevin Smith Movies and anything by Josh Whedon.

I spent 20 years in tech support and I’m a major geek. Love my tech. I’m a casual gamer.

I also blog and write from time to time.

I love to be affectionate. Holding hands, kisses and random hugs just for the heck of it. I’m deep on the naughty side during intimate times.

I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I’m currently doing Keto and have lost 125 pounds so far 🙂

Also, I’m not looking for a hookup or FWB. I don’t need an app for that.

Interested?  Email Me 😀


Fun Fact

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No One CaresNo one cares.

Seriously, no one really cares about me that much in my life.  I’ll share some details as to why I say this.

No one cares I want to buy a house.  So long as I’m buying it for them, not me.  I constantly am shown houses way out of my price range or have “she sheds”.  When I said they could live with me, it became all about what they want.  Despite saying I want to build a studio and would like a full basement or stand alone building to do this with.  Instead I get house tours of “cute homes” with no real space.  I’m to the point now when I get shown these houses, I tell her to buy her own.

No one will care or notice if I die.  I maybe see my kids/grandkids 3 times a year.  If I want to see them, I have to basically make an appointment.  Generally when I call, they will all be too busy and schedule visits weeks out.  I don’t even bother with Christmas with them anymore.  They’d be way too busy to have a funeral for me.  What friends I have won’t even notice until long after I’m gone.  They will likely think I’m being a dick to them.  This is because nobody in my family would think they go through my phone and notify everybody on my contact list.  I haven’t even finished my Will.  None of my kids want my music equipment or other valuables.  Yes, I have asked.  I haven’t found a random person to leave them to yet.

At work, no one cares that I come in early to work.  No one cares if I stay late.  The only time I hear anything about my job is when I make a mistake or want time off.  No one cares that I work off the clock to help everyone out.  Or that I come in on my days off.  It’s just I’m not wired to come in late or leave early.  Or call out when I have a slight sniffle.

No one cares about my interests or what I like to do for fun.  Only that I do what they want me to do with them.  Plus, I’m told my dreams are a waste of time and money.  It’s my dreams, my time and my money.  It’s not a waste to me.

No one cares that I’ve been writing on this website for 22 years.  (oldest archive found was in 2001, but site started in 1999)  They never take the time to read it.  None of my significant others have taken the time to read more than one or two posts.  Hence they never see the negative posts about them after we break up 😈

No one cares about my pain. Or the near death experiences I’ve had.  Especially family members.  To them my experiences always pale in comparison to their own.  It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone with the tragedies in my life.  But when people blow them off like it was nothing, it tends to hurt knowing they don’t care.

I’ve learned to live with this truth.  Yeah it makes me sad sometimes.  But now I live for me.  I hope to find someone someday who actually appreciates me for me.  I’m starting to balance the bad with all the good I’ve made for myself.  Someone out there must appreciate that, like I do.  If not, I know God is keeping me around for some reason or another. 😇


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