Kid Managers

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Kid ManagerThese little empowered nitwits think I’m on the down of life.  I’m a very spunky 52 year old man.  What they have no clue is that what I do these days is easy money.  They make $12 an hour plus 10-15 dollars in shared tips.  So, if they are lucky, they’ll make around $22k per year.  I make 50k and more at year.

They’ve been given a taste of power at 19-20 years old.  So now they think they’re so wise and responsible.  These kids have yet to live life or experience much at all.  Try pulling dead bodies out of a sea wreckage.  Spend a year traveling the world.  Defending themselves in a robbery.  You kids don’t know shit yet.  Except perhaps mommy is a drug addict and daddy never wanted kids.

I get it.  When I was 20 I was a general manager of a dominoes.  You know, a company that had 5000 stores in 1989?  Oh and a little Caesar’s at 22.  So I understand that taste of power.

Yet every day at work it’s a sing-a-long dance party while gossiping about that nonsense on social media and giggling about that cute guy/girl.  Or how high/drunk you got last night.

Just wait until you’ve experienced destitution, near death experiences or having been at the bottom of life clawing your way back.  Possibly more than once.  You’ll look back one day in your older years and know I’m right.  Hell, most likely I’ve done more before I was 30 than you’ll ever do.

Let’s face it.  I get insanely irritated that you can’t even do simple math.  Telling me that 4x $20 bills and 2x $10 bills is the same as 4x $10 bills and 2x $20 bills.  If you believe that, you’re going to start costing the company money.

Yet they look at me with disgust anytime I don’t act my age.

But hey.  If I do something you think it’s childish, it’s because life hasn’t beat me yet.  Will it beat you?  And honestly, how can anyone take you seriously when you always dress like your on your way to the latest cool kid party 🙄

That’s ok kids.  I’m living life comfortably with minimal stress and having a blast doing it.  You can keep pretending you’re important and grown up.  You haven’t seen anything yet.


COVID in the Home

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COVID in the HomeThe first time I got COVID, I was asymptomatic.  Not so much this time.

Cindy came home with it from a trip down state.  We social distanced and wore masks and such.  Wiped down all surfaces we use.  Wasn’t enough.

I’m still waiting on my COVID test (the 3 day one) from last Friday.  But late Saturday night the symptoms hit me.  It’s not horrible.  At least not yet.  Coughing isn’t bad, sore throat is mild.  But the muscle aches are making themselves well known 😆


Dear Smokers, FUCK YOU!

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Dear Smokers, FUCK YOU!You think you’re some sort of rebel don’t you?  You don’t care what anyone else feels about what you do to them by smoking right in their face.  You know that smoking is bad, but you don’t care.  But you also don’t care that you force it upon everyone near you.

A delivery has come to your door?  You got your death stick right in your mouth trying to sign the paperwork.  Two feet from the delivery person who wishes you nothing but a slow painful death.  You just couldn’t be considerate or kind enough to put the fucking thing down for 2 minutes while you handle your business.  No you’re a hot-shit motherfucker who has to have it in your mouth and blowing your carbon dioxide filled with used nicotine back at an innocent person who is just trying to pay their bills and feed their family.

Don’t even think to tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  I smoked from the time I was 25 until I successfully quit for good when I was 40.  Only 15 years.  Though it didn’t save me from 3 major heart attacks at 42.  Now the smell just turns my stomach.  You can’t tell me if someone has shit filled pants, it’s pleasant to have them be around you.  Or someone who has poor hygiene and stinks.

Understand this.  First and foremost.  I don’t give a shit you smoke.  It’s your health, it’s your choice.  Do it all you want.  But don’t share your shit with others.  Be a considerate human.  Shower, wipe your ass and smoke in your own spaces.  Your house, your car, your yard and in areas provided.  That’s the point of this.  I don’t hate smokers for smoking.  I hate that they think because they smoke, they can force it upon everyone.

Sick people are the same way.  They have the flu or flu variant known as COVID-19.  Yet they still go out in public, they still get close to others while sick.  Sharing with non-sick people.

So you want to smoke?  Fine.  Don’t share it with me.  You’re sick?  Fine.  Don’t share it with me.  I don’t share my sicknesses with you.

When I did smoke, I was the most considerate kind of smoker.  I didn’t smoke anywhere near the restaurant I was at.  I would wait until I was in the car and moving to light up.  Not be one of you douchebags standing right by the door freezing my ass off just to share my cancer sticks with every man, woman and child trying to enter or leave.

I never smoked while at a friends house who didn’t smoke.  I would wait until I was leaving and in my own car.

I never threw butts out my window of my car onto the road.  I would diligently empty my ashtray at the nearest trash can.  Even then, I would wait until no one else was too close.  So as to not get ashes on them.

I never subjected anyone else to my smoking habit.  I actually was aware I was destroying my health.  I certainly wasn’t going to force it upon others.

But it’s no wonder COVID is still a big issue.  Though these medical retards can’t seem to understand it’s the flu and we haven’t cured that yet.  Corona Virus is nothing new.  It’s also the Common Cold.  We haven’t cured that yet either.  So they somehow think we’ll completely eradicate COVID-19?  🙄

That’s a rant for another day.  The point is, stupid people are just inconsiderate and share what they shouldn’t.  They smoke?  They must give cancer to everyone else.  They have the flu?  They must go out in public and infect everyone else.  This is why I sell the t-shirts.

Dumasaphobia Shirts

The only thing I was bad at, was not smoking in front of my kids.  I would hold off as long as I could, but inevitably I would have them around me so often, I couldn’t totally avoid it.

Turns out quitting was just like anything else I’ve achieved.  I put my mind to it and quit.  No patches, no medications.  Just got super angry and said no.  It’s really that easy.  You can’t do it, it’s because you don’t have the willpower.  You think you’re a rebel, but you’re really a big pussy who can’t defeat a fucking weed ⚰

Though, you wouldn’t get nearly as much hate if you just were more considerate to others when it comes to your bad habits.


Software Rentals

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Software RentalsI don’t much care for how software companies are screwing the end user with renting their software in todays world.  It used to be you paid for your copy of Windows (or MacOS) and that’s what you used until you decided to upgrade it of your own accord.  While you don’t have to pay for the upgrades since Windows 10 and MacOS X, you are forced to update it at some point.  With it, much of your other software for as they make it so older software won’t be compatible otherwise.  In one way, I get it.  They want you to keep up to date with security.  But as we all know, when it comes to Microsoft Windows, every other version is just crap.

  • Windows 95 – GOOD
  • Windows 98 – CRAP
  • Windows 98se – GOOD
  • Windows Millennium – CRAP
  • Windows XP – GOOD
  • Windows Vista – CRAP
  • Windows 7 – GOOD
  • Windows 8 – CRAP
  • Windows 10 – GOOD
  • Windows 11 – So far not so good….

Mac does the same thing.  Free upgrades, but force other software to be upgraded to match.  All this upgrading costs money.  It was better when you could pick and choose what to upgrade.  Once upon a time, you could keep the same version of Microsoft Office for several versions of whatever OS you were using it with.  Now, you must rent it.  Monthly or annually.

You used to be able to pay $129 for Microsoft Office 2013 for home.  Then you could still be using it today if it still suited your needs.  Now you must pay $69 per year.  So for 10 years you’re paying nearly $700 for a software a home user may use once a week at most to do menial things.

Phones do this too.  Try finding a dynamic or live wallpaper on an iPhone that isn’t subscription based.  It’s insane people want you to subscribe monthly for a few moving pictures.  I’m not paying $59.88 a year ($4.99 a month) for a few pictures that kind of move.

You also have to watch the free ones like Google Docs.  You give up more than money when you use anything Google or Social Media related.

It’s understandable to pay annually for things like Anti-Virus or VPN.  Security is important.  Keeping it up-to-date every day is paramount for safety.  But not your zip program.  Not your graphics editor and not the copy of Excel you use once a week to track your bills or checking account.

In my early tech days I’d always snatch a lifetime license if I could.  Such as my PowerArchiver.  Though even they have removed features in updates to urge me to purchase a new license to get those features back.  This is why I have started to move to all open source or freeware software.  This way I can donate to the foundations that front the software when I have the spare cash and can update them when and if I want to.

Frankly open source is the best way to go for everything in this day and age.  I’m not about to line greedy pockets monthly or annually for things I may or may not use frequently.  I maintain my list of free software on this page.

Gaming is no longer an issue for Linux.  I’m about to switch permanently to Linux.  To be specific, Manjaro.


Life As I Know It

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Older House
Life is frustrating.  I’m a dreamer.  I frequently dream of being something more than I am.  I tend to think I can leave a mark on this world that will make me remembered.  Truth is, I’m likely never going to be more than I am now.  Which isn’t much in my own head.

Now that I’m all moved out of Gaylord and in a new town with a real house/home.  I keep dreaming of going back into the world of tech.  But honestly I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up or handle the stress such a job produces.

I dream of building a studio and making music.  I don’t know if I would be that good of a musician.  I still want to try.  Even if I only end up helping others make their music.  On a very low key basis.  Right now I know fuck-all about recording.

But honestly, I’ve spent most of my life living the way others wanted me to live.  It wasn’t until I started living for myself that I started to succeed at everything I set my mind to.

  • Weight Loss
  • Quit Smoking
  • Financial Security
  • Good Credit
  • Making My Dreams Come True

So I know I will be able to do it.  Even if I only do it to entertain myself and have a place to practice that won’t be disrupting to others.  I can at least do more cover videos.

Honestly I have a decent paying job that I don’t utterly hate.  At least not yet 😉


WoW! What Was I Thinking?

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My Elder Scrolls Online Toons

I haven’t really talked much about my switch to The Elder Scrolls Online.  But it’s the most fun I’ve had in nearly 10 years.  In another month I will have been an ESO convert for 2 years.  I am having way more fun than I’ve ever had playing WoW (World of Warcraft).

Honestly I don’t know why I haven’t talked more about it.  I have 5 level 50 toons.  Three of them are also Vampires and two are werewolves.  Just to change the fun up when they aren’t being a Necromancer, Hunter, Sorcerer, Healer, Templar, Nightblade (Rogue), Thief and Tank.  Yeah all of that out of 5 characters.

Sadly there are no flying mounts.  So I can’t soar above the world and marvel at the artwork.  But that is the ONLY downside I really can complain about when it comes to ESO.

Crafting is actually fun.  The housing system is the only one I’ve seen done right.  Guilds are amazing.  Questing is fun.  Dungeons (Delves) are fun.  World Bosses are amazing and difficult.  You can solo 85% of the PVE content as the difficulty changes to the group you are in.  No, you won’t always win the fight.  Sometimes you need a friend or random stranger to happen by and help.

The Elder Scrolls OnlineI can spend hours marveling at the artwork alone.  Way better than any other MMO I have ever experienced.

So come say hello to my digital family (Caldas Lanister, Ed Grubberman, Theodas Bloodthorn, Thana Bloodthorn or the fiend Theona Helwood).

Join me in game, you won’t regret it!  I play in North American servers for PC (Mac or Windows) 😁


Successful Escape

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Crashed Jet DeliveryI don’t know what I was thinking moving back to Gaylord when I came back from Virginia.  It was hard enough to escape that town the first time.

I moved out over a month ago, but was still driving to work in Gaylord.  At an average of $40 a day for gas, that was a slow losing battle.  I finally have a new job here.  Still not a tech or problem solving position that I truly desire.  But it’s local and something that will pay the bills just fine for now.

I’m so happy to have successfully escaped a second time.  I have zero intention of ever returning except to visit briefly 😉


Weight Loss Goal Met

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Weight Loss Goal MetSo after chatting with family, friends and medical folks, I have readjusted my first weight loss goal.  I was shooting for 220, but with my excess skin from the rapid loss, it will take some serious time to have my body rebuild itself.  So my goal of 230 was met a few weeks ago.  I finally did it!  To be honest, way faster than I expected.  I wanted to lose enough weight to get to a rational number of 230 pounds.  Only 40 pounds from what a medical doctor would recommend.  So in all reality I’m likely to achieve that goal as well.

I’m no longer a fat bastard.  I have achieved yet another goal just because I wanted it.  I really wanted it.  I did it.  So simple.  I ate wrong.  Once I fixed it.  The weight came off easily.

Now comes my second goal of losing the other weight of my now flabby stomach.

Here’s my reward to myself.

The hood is removable.  I may have it airbrushed with my CastleRain Logo.

CastleRain Logo

Let’s face it.  I look fucking sexy!


Fuck Gaylord Michigan

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Fuck Gaylord MichiganEver since I’ve come back to Michigan. One thing I regret the most is returning to my home town of Gaylord, Michigan. When I was a child it was a beautiful, peaceful town that I enjoyed. It has evolved into a tourist trap. The past years I’ve been here, I generally avoid it. I can’t enjoy my local restaurants. They are over crowded, I have to wait upwards of 45 minutes just to get seated.  Our stores are always out of products because these vultures come and clean out supplies for their expensive vacation homes and over priced accommodations.

Sure I make good money off these twats.  So I don’t mind that.  But when I want to enjoy food or commerce, I almost always leave Gaylord to find what I want.  I go to so many places to escape the tourists.  Such as Petoskey, Traverse City, Frederick and Saginaw.  Yes, I will drive 2 hours just to go out to eat because I’ll get seated immediately, served quickly and the ambiance is so much more enjoyable without the establishment being packed to the hilt.  Thus, even just trying to come to town for a bit of quite is long since gone.  This place is always packed with assholes.  Especially since the release of COVID lockdowns.  It’s worse than ever.

Being with Cindy, offered me more than I ever could have imagined.  I am so happy to be with her.  Plus she granted me one thing I couldn’t really afford on my own during the plandemic.  An escape from that hell hole town I once called home.  I now live near the eastern shores of Lake Huron near the bridge and island 😀

Good riddance Gaylord.  You can have your fucking tourists. F***ing Tourists!


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