Work Work, Zug Zug, Dabu

Work Work, Zug Zug, DabuI’ve spent the past week or so trying to figure out what to write.  It’s hard to keep content up when nothing is really going on.  It’s work, work and more work.  To pay bills, bills and more bills.  Whoever thought this was a good idea for a human being to become after childhood, was a jerk.  I didn’t sign up for this adulthood nonsense.  I didn’t have a choice.  My parents had sex and my future was made that in 18-ish years it would be 40+ hours a week dealing with people I don’t like.  Followed by endless people I really don’t like wanting the money I earned.

Thankfully nothing in the plans for Darla and I have changed much lately.  Granted, our semi-near future is filled with way too many “if”s.  Will we each find a place we can afford?  Will we have to have a roommate in order to afford a place?  Will I stay in this place (roommate required) or move into something else?  Which one of us will have Isabel?  Will she need to be registered as an emotional support pet?  Worse, will we have to give her up?  (certainly not wanting that option)  The list goes on and on.  Involving housing, jobs, dog, cars, living arrangements and more.  So much of it can’t be determined this early.

We shall survive 🙂

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Atlantiss CataclysmIt would seem I have finally settled on a server to play World of Warcraft on.  It’s not a Lich King server as I had planned, but instead it’s a Cataclysm server.  Which in all honesty has a better qualities.  So many improvements over Vanilla, Burning Crusades and Lich King as far as the interface, skills and was when the client was able to do Directx 11 with updated water and textures.  Icing on the cake to that is being able to fly in the main lands.

It’s not hosted in the US, but then again, it’s not completely filled with immature nitwits either.  Sure there are some.  Every server will have them.  I feel more at home as well.  When Mists of Pandaria came out, it was be elite or be nothing.  Casuals like myself can go craft, pet battle or something.  It became incredibly hard to find anyone polite and willing to help a person learn things.  “Google”, was the number one answer to everything.  Followed by, “You’re an idiot.”, “Wowhead”, “YouTube” and “KYS”.  Which for some of you who may not know, KYS is internet gibberish for Kill YourSelf.  In a world up in arms over bullying, what an odd new meme.

Atlantiss isn’t without its issues to say the least, but they aren’t that many when you look at the whole picture.  Literally, you can look at the whole game world and figure out what works and what doesn’t.  They do well keeping their players informed and involved.  They listen to folks and despite the kids not getting a GM’s attention on demand, they do help players when they aren’t squashing bugs.

Sure I find it amusing to see an NPC float down the stairs or be stuck in a funny pose.  Nothing so far has been game stopping.  Everything essentially works.  Some quirks to be expected.

The pro’s and the cons:


  • Server up-time is impressive.  Not one crash or ounce of lag have I endured.
  • The game shop is not pay to win.  There is no items that give anyone an unfair advantage.
  • You can donate via PayPal.  Everyone else uses PaymentWall which is incredibly dodgy.
  • Low latency and handles a fairly high volume of players daily with no problems.
  • Bugs aren’t that many compared to the whole and they do work to fix them.
  • Mainly a helpful and friendly community.
  • Website is well laid out and works great.
  • Have been around for a few years.
  • You can play for absolutely free if you so choose.


  • Not in my timezone, so peak hours are during the morning for me.
  • Monetary exchange rate sucks, but this isn’t the fault of Atlantiss.
  • Armory works, but no images of characters.
  • Some quest lines can’t be completed at all.
  • World events are buggy (well.. to be fair, I’ve only seen Brewfest so far and I’m low level right now).

I think I’ve found a way to finally enjoy myself.  Time to strap in and make some friends and get back to playing they way I loved.  Still, I can’t help but be myself.  The altoholic.  Seven toons of fun 🙂


If you’re interested, we can do a Refer-a-Friend.

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Which Server to Choose?

Which Server to Choose?I went Rogue about a months ago.  Not playing the class, but where I play my normal characters for World of Warcraft.  The original game evolved, and I have not.  I still love to play, but not their way.  I want to enjoy what I know, not relearn on every single expansion.  Thus, screw the advanced graphics for game-play that I enjoy.  It’s not my fault Blizzard refuses to learn from the plentiful of examples set before them.  That lesson being, is there are loads of players who still love the old content and are content to play it.  If Blizzard simply understood that, they would still be getting my monthly fee.  As well as thousands, possibly millions of others.

Besides, it seems like the mighty game gods have run out of ideas and are now simply rehashing old content.  Since Legion is basically a reboot of Burning Crusades.  I’m guessing the Lich King will return.  Probably Bolvar Fordragon, as he took up the helm after Arthas was defeated.  I mean seriously.  Oh and all skills will have to be completely redone yet again and you’ll lose and gain skills as with every expansion.  …yeah I’m over it.

However, I’ve been confronted with new issues.  Sure playing on a different server, comes with caveats of it’s own.  Like bugged quests.  OK that’s expected on a handful of issues.  Along with bugged NPC’s.  OK sure.  Poorly run servers.  That’s a bit of an issue.  I’m on server number 4 after the first two would crash daily.  The first server was Vanilla and I started in Lich King.  So I wasn’t into it as much.  The second server was dead.   I mean I could do a global /who and find exactly zero other players.  I started to really gain ground on the third server but it crashed too often.  Both the second and third servers were hosted by the same people and they would crash every single day.  The main server had roughly 800 players at peak.  If it can’t handle 800 connections then someone isn’t running a server properly.

Then of course there is the global hatred of Americans.  That can be an issue since 90% of servers are not hosted in the US for obvious reasons.  So far, the hatred has been minimal and I’ve found very friendly folks generous enough to help a person starting over.  The old content in it’s original state was hard and making in game currency is tricky without a little boost.

I’ve only been on server 4 for a few days, but most of that time I’ve been working or fixing other peoples problems.  So not sure where this server stands, but I do like the ping rates.

Lastly this means that some of my toons will have to have slightly different names due to lack of availability.  😕

As the French would say, “c’est la vie”.

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Just a few RANTS!

Just a few RANTS!If you think I follow Foamy for a reason.  You’d be right.  His famous rants and sense of logic are shared by my own feelings and thoughts.  Right now there are a few kinds of people pissing me off.  Here’s a few of mine lately that have been driving me to the edge of insanity…

Dumbasses with Smartphones

I can’t wait to find a new job.  Lately the night job has become infiltrated with teenagers and some adults who have an over-the-top addiction to their phones.  I came in one night to find six employees standing in a circle all looking at their phones rather than doing anything they get paid to do.  I wanted to take a picture of the non-productiveness, but then I’d just be number 7.  The other night I walked in on a customer just standing at the counter.  He was coyly watching three employees talking and playing on their phones.  As I walked passed him to go behind the counter, I asked loudly if he hand been helped.  He knew what I was doing and replied loudly that no, he had been simply watching the same people for several minutes while we waited to be helped.  I helped him and by then, they had magically moved to different places in the store and started on his order.  Why should we put up with this nonsense to have employees?  As I’ve said before, I’d never make it as a manager in today’s world.  Because I would be putting foot to ass, proverbially speaking, by putting a stop to all this wasted labor costs.

I certainly don’t like having to do something while others stand about gawking at their tiny screens making sure their friends status updates get noticed right away.  Of course if I say anything about it, I’m likely to cause trouble and be fired.  I hate having to drop hints, as it makes me disliked among the offenders.  Clearly the current management don’t care as a couple of them do it too.  These kind of people keep getting hired.  I guess that makes me the the problem.  God knows I’d love to resolve it by finding something new for a job.  I never expected it to last so long.  Though I do pretty good as the most customers tip me, so I guess they like me.

I do average $16 per hour.  I have yet to go below $12 per hour.  One night it went as high as $38 per hour.

Still, I don’t understand why this is allowed.  Sure we all are guilty of doing it a little.  However, when people are ignoring what they are getting paid to do.  As well as doing it for long periods of time, that’s BS.  It’s a real shame when the overweight guy with heart problems works more than healthy people do.

The Men’s Room

Men, stop being a bunch of lazy Gits!  That was the only word I could find to not be vulgar.  It’s not nearly as vulgar as what the majority of you do to a public restroom.  I would have to say that “Public Piss Syndrome” isn’t the only reason many of us avoid the Men’s Room.  It’s because we know we’ll walk into a room that stinks to high hell and is absolutely gross with piss and shit all over the toilet.  Trash on the floor and a sink that you’d be surprised to find dirty, because by the looks of the rest of the room, so you wouldn’t think it was getting used.  There are a lot of gross and lazy bastards out there.  Sure the Women’s Room isn’t always roses and candy either.  There are obviously some really inconsiderate so-called ladies in the world too.  Though the Men’s Room takes the prize by a landslide.  Or in some cases, a shitstorm…

Clearly many of you are not NBA All Stars or you’d hit the waste basket.  But do you bother to pick up your missed shots?  Hell no.  You lazy twats leave it on the floor for someone else.  You don’t wipe the toilet off when you miss or make a mess.  You don’t bother to tell anyone if the trash is overflowing.  You just let it fall.

Do you do this kind of thing at home?  If so, I hope your significant other eventually snaps and clobbers you in the face with a baseball bat.  It’s just obnoxious to be that lazy and inconsiderate.  Not too mention, I’d never want to be invited to your house.


There was a third rant, but I’ve gone on so far with these I can’t remember it.  Stupid old age.  I’ll have to save it for another post someday.

Oh… Darla also feels this way 🙂

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Plot Twist

Plot TwistLife for us this past year has been very… fluid.  To say the very least.  “Such is life.”, as it goes.  The plot twists to reveal new decisions, new directions and things that must be handled prior to going forward.  So things are going to slow down as Darla and I remain engaged (just want to make that clear right now), but will put the wedding even further back.  In the next few months, Darla will relocate back to Bay City to handle family matters.  Once her daughter, Alexis graduates high school and moves on with her own life, then Darla and I can resume our own.

I know what you’re thinking.  Why don’t I move to Bay City with Darla?  I’m still working on my own things dealing with my own family.  I’ve explained this time and time again.  I don’t feel I need to explain it further.  Get down on me all you like.  I made my decision and Darla understands.  I’m not about to break promises just because something gets in the way.

We haven’t decided on a new wedding date yet.  Likely be May 3, 2021?  It’s hard to say.  A lot can change between now and then.  But I assure you, like always, we’ll keep you up to date.  We’ll also update our wedding site as well.

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Going Old School

Old SchoolThe problem I’ve had playing games the past few years, is that as the graphics get better and the game play gets more in-depth…  The less I enjoy it.  It’s been true in many cases for me.

I play a game like say … Thief (1998).  I had a blast playing it.  Next one I got was Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004) and I had an absolute blast.  In so much as I still play it.  Then Thief (2014) came out and it lost its magic.  It is beautiful, but I don’t care for how it plays.

Same thing with Grand Theft Auto.  I started playing GTA III (2001), it was fun.  GTA Vice City (2002) it was a blast from the past, and a blast to play.  GTA San Andreas (2004) was fun.  GTA 4 (2008) was cool, but not as much fun.  GTA 5 the graphics are astounding, but it just doesn’t feel the same.  I love driving the cars.  That’s about it.

It seems I have a very hard time of letting go of games I loved.  New games just don’t do it for me.  God knows I’ve tried endlessly the past few months to find something to enjoy.  I guess I’m no longer a gamer in today’s definition.  Rather I’m an Old School Gamer.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love my World of Warcraft.  As much as I try to quit playing it.  I always end up coming back eventually.  Problem is, just like every other game.  The newer it gets, the less I enjoy it.  I came in when Burning Crusades (2007) was on it’s way out and Wrath of the Lich King (2008) was coming in.  Best two years of gaming ever.  I was crazy for the game.

Then Cataclysm (2010) came out.  I had a pretty good time.  Never made it to the end raid though.  Still haven’t and it’s 2016.  Mists of Pandaria (2012) was launched and I felt something inside me die when I was surrounded by happy bouncy fat pandas.  I spend most of my time on the Timeless Isle for the last six months.  I really didn’t even find it pretty.  Then again, I’m not into asian culture or art/design.  Then Warlords of Dreanor (2014) came out and it almost felt like they were simply rehashing old content and upping the visual aspects.  Sure it involved time travel.  Honestly, if you don’t have a TARDIS, it’s best to leave time travel to The Doctor.  Again, spent most of my time doing Garrison missions and farming Tanaan Jungle.  I only did one WoD dungeon.  Didn’t even care to try the others.  Now here comes Legion (2016).  It’s Burning Crusades all over again.  I wasted $70 on the pre-purchase of the Deluxe Edition.  I have absolutely no interest in trying to relearn my character all over again.  The more they change it, the less I like it.

While I can go back and play my old favorite games to my hearts content, I can’t do it with World of Warcraft.  I have no choice in the matter.  Either I learn to play the way Blizzard wants, or I simply don’t get to play at all.  Or do I 😈

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Coming Together

Coming TogetherThings are slowly but every so surely coming together in our home/castle.  It’s not much, but it’s comfortable and we enjoy our time here.  First up is the newest member of the family, Isabel!

She’s about 2 and a half years old.  Hound mix, Schiller Hound perhaps?  It’s hard for me to say.  Her ears don’t match that, but the body shape pretty much seems too.  She’s super friendly and is partially trained.  Can’t sit or stay yet, but does know how to take a walk and comes to her name and understands no and such.  So we’ve got some training to do.

Good lord I need a better camera.

Our place is starting to look more like a home.  No longer are we using the camping chairs.  We have Darla’s couch.  Although I found the camping chairs to be much more comfortable.  And thanks to Vicki, we now have a small kitchen table and chairs 🙂  I’m not a handyman, so likely will never get refinished.  Looking for a 48″ round, fitted tablecloth.  Can’t seem to find any around town, so searching Amazon and such.

Surprisingly that small window AC unit manages to keep this place at a decent temp.  We close off the spare room during the hot months.  Though next year we might get a second one to keep the first from working so hard all the time.  When it’s in the high 80’s and 90’s it struggles some in the afternoon time.

The spare room needs some decorations.  Such as posters.  We’re preparing it for Alexis should she come visit from time to time.  It’s actually hard to find Shinedown or other posters she’d like in podunk nowhere.

I keep the yard looking decent.  For a desert of weeds that is.  The flower garden is done by my mom.  She can’t do it at her new place, so she does it here.  Which is good, as I’d just throw some easy to grow crap in and let nature do the rest.  Darla and I don’t really do gardens.  Next year I hope to get a small gas weed eater.  One thing at a time.  Up next, a new snow blower.  The old one my mom has works decent but it scares me.

Not sure how long we’ll be in this place, but it’s looking like we will renew the lease this winter.  Going to be tough to find anything at the end of January.  Best option we can hope for is to get lucky for a rent-to-own situation.  Long story.   No one really wants to read about that here as it would be in the form of another rant 😉

Edit: The curtains are not ours.  They were left here from the previous tenant.  They will get replaced at some point.

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Too simple to bother with…

Ah the beginning of the month.  That time where I take a bunch of calls for the first five days from customers who got that nifty notice our system sends out.

This is an automated note to let you know that the expiration date of the credit card number you have on file, with us, has passed, or will shortly. In almost all cases, your credit card company has sent you a new card, with a new expiration date. Please contact our office and update this information as soon as possible.

It triggers on the first of the month, when the month and year matches the month and year found on our customers credit/debit cards expiration date.  This gives the customer an entire month to call us with their new credit card information.

So the phones are busier from the 1st to the 5th of the month with customers calling to update their info.  Some however, despite the fact we notify them, don’t call until the payment fails on the following month.  Even though the paper included with their new card also says, “Please update your information with your billers.”.  They just activate their cards and move on.  Life is far too busy to be bothered with simple, but mundane tasks.

Then we get much nastier calls during the following month when their payment fails.  Such as:

My card is the same!

Hey, now it’s a month later.  You’ve forgotten about getting your new card.  Sadly our system won’t accept payment if the date on the card doesn’t match what we have.  Especially if it is passed the expiration.  Sure your card number may have remained the same, but not the expiration date.  Now that date has come and gone and we can no longer process your payment.  Like it or not, a simple phone call is needed to update this with us.  Please though, leave your attitude out of the conversation.  It’s not our fault you didn’t call.

Only the date has changed.

Sure, OK.  No problem.   Many times this is the case.  However, when you call, we always ask the same questions so as to keep card processing failures from happening.

  • Does the name on the card still appear as [insert customer name here], such as Henry R Dependett?
  • Is the card still a [MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover]?
  • Does the card still end in [last four digits], 5432?
  • Do you still live at [customer address on file]?

And you can hear the annoyance in the customer’s voice.  Like asking these few questions has somehow interfered with their busy day.  I’m sorry, I’m trying to be thorough so you won’t have to call back angry because your payment was rejected.  I’m not being stern, I’m not raising my voice.  I’m simply asking questions to help you help yourself.

No matter what, some still call back later pissed off because they got another email from us saying their card payment was rejected.  If you look at the images above carefully, you’ll see why.  Generally always happens with the 5 being changed to a 2.  Or vise-versa.  I guess they look similar.  One number is all it takes to make a card fail.  However, I’ve taken calls where the last 8 numbers are different even though I asked them on the previous call if it was right.  I guess they were still looking at the old card.  Still I don’t know why they take it out on me.  I asked.

My bank should’ve notified you!!

Uh… No.  They don’t do that.  That’s why when they send you a new card, there is a paper attached with remindful statements such as, “Please update your information with your billers.”.  Just saying, reading is fundamental.  Again, park your attitude.

I mean I get it.  Some people just can’t be bothered with taking an hour or two out of their busy day to call 3 – 10 businesses or logon to 1 – God-knows-how-many websites and update their credit card information.  You have these setup so you don’t have to call them, or log on to them every month to simply make a payment.  That’s too much work.  Golly gee.  Sorry your life is so horrible.  Goodness knows we try to help by sending you reminders.  Your bank gives you pointers too.  We try to be thorough on the phone.  Yet no matter how hard we try, some folks still call with fire in their eyes and hate in their voice because something went wrong and they got a nasty email or their service was cut off for nonpayment.

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What to do? What to do..

ThinkingHere’s that familiar limbo I go through every few months or so.  I love playing online games on my PC.  Though I can’t seem to find joy in the games I have.  I’m forever stuck in “the games I once loved” mode.  Every MMORPG game I find, is either on the new microtransaction system, or has changed the game play so much that you spend an eternity lost in trying to work it.  Microtransactions have murdered any good time you can have in a game.  If you don’t want to spend the money, you don’t get to have the fun.  In every single game I have ever tried that has the microtransaction payment system sucks unless you pony up the dough.  Usually costing more than $15 per month.  Let’s not talk about the time I spent $1100 in one year to play one of those 😠

Sheep FFXIVIt’s actually hard to find a subscription game now.  Even harder when you don’t want it vomiting up anime-dayglow.  Take your Kon’nichiwa and shove it up your Kōmon.  I tried playing Final Fantasy XIV for maybe 6 hours total before I wanted to throw up.  I mean seriously, sheep that look like cotton candy?

There are games that are pay once and no subscription or microtransactions.  Possibly limited microtransactions that do not affect the game play are acceptable.  Basically called Buy to Play.  Though I’ve tried Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.  Neither tickled my fancy.  I’m currently waiting for Elder Scrolls Online to go on sale on Steam.  That way if I don’t like it, I won’t cry too terribly hard.

Why am I not playing World of Warcraft?  Honestly I’d like to continue playing it.  I just really miss how it used to be.  I love the new graphics, hate the new game play.  Tired of new skill trees on every single expansion.  Tired of leveling up crafting skills in different methods.  New useless activities like Archeology.  Even though they make things easier, they also make it harder.  You no longer have your friends help you learn to play in Dungeons or Raids.  You use tutorials.  They call them Proving Grounds.  Of course I hear they are going away, which of course is pissing off players who take the game far too seriously.  Really?  You need to pass a test and an interview to play games now?  WTF?  Whatever happened to hilarity of trying and failing but having friends who will pick you up and make you stronger?  I miss those days.  I really, really do.  Then there is flying in new expansions.  It is so controversial now.  It’s to the point you don’t enjoy the reward for the work you put in just so you can have it.

I miss the World of Warcraft of yesterday so much.  Nostalrius has the right idea and a damned good one at that.  He ran a Vanilla Warcraft server.  True to it’s origins.  Available to players so they can enjoy the game when they loved it most.  Even better would be a series of servers for each expansion.  (Burning Crusades, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria [for the panda lovers] and so on)  I have very seriously considered playing on Warmane servers.  Though I can’t confirm the legitimacy of their payment system and they offer up increased gold and experience.  I would rather play it as it was meant to be played.  Untouched or unmodified.  However, even if they are on the up and up, it’s only a matter of time before they get hacked or shut down by Blizzard like Nostalrius was.

Many of the new games that aren’t anime on overload, don’t look all that pretty to me.  Seriously.  I guess I love the bright colors and upbeat models.  See for yourself.

Call me a weenie, but I also prefer good old fashioned “tab-targeting“.  Most newer games, like Elder Scrolls Online have adopted “crosshair targeting”.  I’m getting old and don’t move as quick as I used too.  Though I might still be able to kick your ass in the classic Unreal Tournament 😛

So you see, my range of choices are incredibly thin.  Because I want:

  • A Monthly Subscription or Buy to Play
  • Is more Western and not Asian looking
  • Is based in Fantasy (Dragons and such)
  • Would really prefer mounts, especially if they can fly
  • Has tab-targeting

There is one more thing.  Darla has expressed interest in playing games with me.  Although she’s not a computer geek like myself.  So a game that would be easier to learn and not so involved would be nice.  Perhaps limited in the number of skills needed to remember would be good.

Thus my hunt continues.  I’d even be open to non-MMO’s, such as a co-op game.  I hear Fable III might be a good choice.  😕

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The Next Expansion

WoW Legion BoxHere we are at the edge of the crucible that is Legion.  Within 3 days the pre-patch begins and the masses will flood the landscape to try out the new content, new skills and of course the Artifact Weapons.  Which seems to be the only real focus everyone cares about.  Sure you can play a Demon Hunter too, but the weapons seems to be all anyone really drools over.  I’ve seen many videos depicting that other classes will be more fun to play.  Shaman seems to be on top for best kick-assery.

I’ve reduced my force back to 7 characters.  All of which I have loved to play for their uniqueness.  My current setup includes a Druid (Balance/Boomkin), Warlock (Destruction), Mage (Frost), Priest (Shadow), Hunter (Beast Master), Shaman (Elemental) and my Death Knight (Frost).  It was 9 with a Rogue and a Paladin, but it’s insane enough to keep up with the seven.

I’ve spent the morning,

  • Saying farewell to my bodyguards and my garrison
  • Closing out all garrison missions
  • Selling off the massive amounts of resources what will be soon fairly obsolete
  • Spending all my garrison resources for several Smuggled Sack of Gold

Using this handy macro helped shorten the insane time it would take doing it one by one and managed to get a couple of achievements doing so: Got My Mind on My Money

/run BuyMerchantItem(27)
/use Smuggled Sack of Gold

Still took nearly an hour doing all toons.  Though I imagine it cut the other way in half in terms of time.

Looking back, I wasn’t really thrilled with Dreanor.  I’ll be happy to visit Stormwind for a few days and pet battle while time ticks by for the switch to flip and we move on to more green.  I’m sick of green.  Fel this and Fel that.  Garrisons were OK, and made me money.  The flying requirements pissed me off to no end.  Sounds like that will continue into Legion despite the hatred Blizzard got for it last time.

I still spend my time in WoW alone, so I don’t do high end raids.  I don’t have end of game gear.  I only play an hour here and there.  Maybe two if I’m lucky.  Still nothing seems to keep my attention like WoW does.

A lot of new games don’t look fluid.  Rift was touted as such great graphics, but I reinstalled it yesterday.  Although I forgot how to play my Mage, the movements don’t look smooth like WoW does.  The attention to detail WoW has.  I have Elder Scrolls Online on my steam wishlist, but won’t pay for the Imperial Version at full price (or the regular for that fact), but I missed the summer sale by a day or two.  Though I found Skyrim to look so dreary.  So can’t imagine that ESO will impress me much.  Besides, I have never taken to a game that is absent of tab targeting.  I’ve yet to find a true free to play that isn’t either pay to win or just sucks.  Then there are the games like ESO where you buy the game and there is no subscription, such as Guild Wars 2.  I hated GW2.  I hated Guild Wars.

The only game I’m fairly interested in that isn’t out yet, is Pantheon.  However, the alpha videos make it looks just as clunky as Rift, if not worse.

I can’t help it.  I like the cartoony look of WoW, it’s fluid motions and detail.  The bright happy colors.  I don’t like that every expansion is change-city.  New skill trees, or talent systems.  New stat systems.  Now it seems gear won’t matter.  A gamer showed us you can play naked and just have your artifact weapon and do PVP just fine.

I can’t say I’m excited for Legion.  But I’ve no idea what else to try.

I’ve tried in the past year:

  • Guild Wars 2
  • Rift
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Neverwinter
  • Forsaken World
  • Perfect World (yeah, I was getting desperate)
  • Runes of Magic
  • Lineage II
  • Everquest II
  • Wizard101 (told you, desperate)
  • Alganon

There may have been one or two more, just can’t think of them.

And no I don’t want anything that is arena fighting or PVP.  No DOTA or MOBA.  I like fantasy, medieval stuff similar to WoW, but without all the changes they’ve made.  I’ve seen some Co-op Games, but few have such MMO like play.  Anime looking games make me want to regurgitate.

I’ve even tried to get away from fantasy games and play GTA Online.  It’s pretty much a griefer’s paradise.  May as well call it Douchebags Online.

If Blizzard would ever do nostalgic servers like Vanilla or *ahem* Lich King, I’d be all over that.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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